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Elementary Education Teachers and Talmud Teachers

Shmuel Kafri

Translated by David Goldman

        At the age of three I was sent to the cheder of the famous Yedinitz teacher, R. Daniel Harasher. The cheder of R. Daniel was across the street, and I recall that the first term of study with him was in the winter, and I did not want to be there at all. I cried bitterly. R. Daniel threatened to tie me up with the goat he had in his yard, which terrified me. However, I gave in, but refused to return the next day.

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This is How they Taught

Ephraim Schwartzman-Sharon

        R. Yaakov Schwartzman (known in town as R. Yankel Moteses) spoke about his father Matisyahu's method of study. His father was invited by a number of local important businessmen to come from his town of Tumonovik, Ukraine, to teach their six sons Talmud in exchange for nine rubles per semester.

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My Religious and Secular Teachers

Dov Duri (Berl Dondushansky)

        As a small child, as far as I remember, I studied in the cheder of R. Yoel Zinkever. He taught his students to be able to read and to learn Bible verses R. Yoel was already elderly, and barely managed to control the children in class. We therefore took advantage of the situation and because of boredom we spent most of the day outside playing.

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The Teacher and Writer Aryeh-Leib Yagolnitzer

Achinoam Yagolnitzer

Teacher and Poet A. L. Yagolnitzer and his wife Bina

Aryeh-Leib Yagolnitzer was born in the town of Orinin, near Kaminetz-Podolsk, Russia in 1882. As a youngster, he studied in cheder until his bar-mitzvah under learned teachers, but taught himself general studies.

Teacher and Poet A. L. Yagolnitzer and his wife Bina

The photo was taken in Bolgrad, Serbia on 10/3/1911. Two years later they arrived in Yedinitz. Photo insert: A. L. Yagolnitzer in the 1930s in Palestine.


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The Teacher Yaakov Kizhner (Yankel-Hersh Leibs)

Alexander Melechson

Yaakov Kizhner

Yaakov Kizhner, known as Yankel-Hersh Leibs was one of the best known teachers in Yedinitz at the beginning of the 20th century, and was one of the first to teach “Hebrew in Hebrew.”

Yaakov Kizhner


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The Public High School of R. Baruch Kutcher

Leah Fuchs-Kutcher

        The Public High School for Boys and Girls was the name of Father's school, and this is how notices between semesters and graduation certificates referred to the school.

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R. Moshe Leiderman's school in 1923
R. Moshe Leiderman's school in 1923

Center, seated: R. Moshe Leiderman (9), Noach Leiderman (7), Leib Leiderman (11)
Right, standing: Guty Leiderman (4).
Students: 1. Aharon Levitas 2. Yaakov -----? 3. Moshe Kerick, deceased 5. Yosef Shapiro, later a teacher (deceased), 6. Yitzchak Gertzman, later an attorney (deceased), 8. Eliyahu Bitchusky, 12. Eliezer Rashkovsky (Brazil), 13. Asher Roseblatt (escaped in the 1930s by swimming across the Dniester to the USSR, and died there in exile, 14. David Littman (Chernovitz), 15. Yehoshua Rosenthal, 16. Yitzchak Linderbaum, 17. ---- 18. Moshe Rosenthal (Doctor, moved to Israel in 1972), 19. Riva Leiderman, 20. Ita Katz, 21. Elisha Katz, 22. Moshe Schinderman (Israel).


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My Father and Teacher, R. Moshe Leiderman (from Zamkhov) and his Family

Yitzchak Bar-Samcha

        My father and teacher, R. Moshe Leiderman, was asked to teach in Yedinitz when Talmudic and Jewish studies were the central subjects, and secular studies were a necessary evil. My father's strengths were in his great knowledge of Hebrew and grammar. He was also very talented at giving Talmud lectures, as he demonstrated in the Talmud study groups in his hometown of Lipkan, where he was considered a great teacher.

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