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Two Yedinitz Intellectuals

Picture: Two Yedinitz Intellectuals. Memorial book for the Jewish community of Yedintzi [page 136]
'Two Yedinitz intellectuals, followers of the Enlightenment, in "Mirnaya Vremya" [these words are Russian for "peaceful times."] (before World War One): Tuly Lerner and Benzion Snitkovsky (Brazil).'

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A Life That Will Never Return…


by Moshe Shuster

Translated by David Goldman

The years go by, youth is gone. Time turns hair gray and puts wrinkles on your face. However, the tense, heart-stopping events we lived through, and the youthful romantic feelings flash from time to time, just as if they had occurred yesterday.

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The Shimshon Bronstein Affair

by Yosef Magen-Shitz

Shimon: The Man and the Activist
From speeches on the thirtieth day of his death

Shimshon Bronstein was a rare example of an idealistic and consistent public activist. He combined the wonderful but destroyed traditions of Russian Jewry. He was imbued with the spirit of Jewish and general liberalism that existed in Odessa before the Revolution. He went through the smelting furnace and pressures of the Days of Spring following the Svoboda [Freedom] Movement after the fall of the Czar. He was also imbued with a deep Jewish nationalism that sprouted in his native land of Bessarabia a land filled with simplicity and forthrightness, loyalty and friendliness, just like its fields and forests, its mountains, muddy rivers and rugged roads, and just like its colorful villages and towns that struggled for daily existence in the hot summers, and buried knee-deep in snow in the winters.

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A group of young people
of the generation of Shimshon Bronstein in the early 1920s
Picture: A group of young people. Memorial book for the Jewish community of Yedintzi [page 173]
From right to left: Standing Rivka Kuziminer Leiderman (died in Tel Aviv), Moshe Spielberg (died in Kishinev after the war), Shimshon Bronstein, Chaya Bar-Samcha-Eisenberg (died in Tel Aviv), Noach Leiderman (died in the Holocaust).
Seated: Yechiel Avraham Snitkovsky (died in Brazil), Golda Kuzminer Bronstein (Tel Aviv), Yisrael Dimant (Brazil), Sarah Snitkovsky (Brazil), Moshe Yanovitch (died in Brazil);
Underneath: Shaul Sternthal (died in Kishinev after the war).

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Who Shimshon was

by Ephraim Shvartsman-Sharon

Shimshon Bronstein's name is etched in our minds as a person who, from his youth until the present, was an outstanding Zionist leader, who in our youth taught us the spirit of Jewish nationalism and culture, until we left home and emigrated to the Land of Israel. Although more than forty years have passed since then, we remember Shimshon, his life and deeds until today.

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Terror against the Poalei Zion [Workers of Zion] Movement in Romania

A message from the office of Poalei Zion to the Socialist Internationale relating to the torture of Shimshon Bronstein of Yedinitz, Bessarabia, published in the Warsaw Poalei Zion newspaper, Bafreiung-Arbeter Shtimme [Freedom-Worker's Voice] of June 24, 1932.


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Photo from the 1920s

Photo from the 1920s. Memorial book for the Jewish community of Yedintzi [page 187]
  1. Shimshon Bronstein
  2. Noach Leiderman, may his death be avenged
  3. Ephraim Eines (son of Berl the Slaughterer, USA)
  4. Hillel Dobrov.
  5. A. Tur-Kaspa (Israel)
  6. Velvel Ludmir, may his death be avenged
  7. Moshe Rabinovitch (brother of the man who died on the seventh day of Passover)
  8. ….Grozman
  9. Leizer (son of Dina and Berl) Eines (grandson of Yonah, the Slaughterer)

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