Encyclopaedia of Jewish Communities: Libya & Tunisia

Translation of
Pinkas ha-kehilot; Luv ; Tunisyah : entsiklopedyah shel ha-yishuvim ha-Yehudim
le-min hivasdam ve-'ad le-ahar Sho'at Milhemet ha-'Olam ha-Sheniyah

Edited by Irit Avramski-Bligh

Published by Yad Vashem

Published in Jerusalem 1997

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Table of Contents transcribed by Anne Webber


Encyclopedia of Jewish Communities


Editor: Irit Avramski-Bligh

The Holocaust Martyrs' and Heroes' Remembrance Authority
Jerusalem 1997

Table of Contents 
ForewordIrit Abramski-Bligh, Maurice Roumani, Itzhak Avrahami 
Selected Terms 
Abbreviations of Names of Archives and Journals 
The Jews of Libya and Tunisia in the History of North Africa (Historical Survey)Irit Abramski-Bligh1
Part 1: The Complexity of the Sources 2
Part II: The Uniqueness of the Jewish Communities of Libya and Tunisia 3
 Classical Era 4
 Ottoman Period 6
 The Period of Colonial Rule 9
 During the Second World War 14
 The Second World War as the Turning Point 17
Part III: The Small Communities 18
General Bibliography 24
The Communities of Libya 
Tripoli 29
Ajdabiya 186
Amrus 186
Apollonia 84
Barce 87
Benghazi 94
Cyrene 192
Derna 131
Gharian 125
Iffren 162
Khoms 156
Messurata 172
Msellata 168
Nalout 181
Syrte 182
Tajura 194
Tarhuna 201
Tubruq 198
Zanzur 154
Zawia 137
Zliten 147
Zuara 143
The Communities of Tunisia
Tunis 205
Ain Draham 450
Beja 280
Ben Gardan 301
Beni Aissa 306
Beni Khaled 305
Beni Zelten 305
Bizerte 289
Bou Arada 280
Carthage 481
Degache 344
Djemmal 318
Djerba 324
Douz 344
Ebba Ksour 273
El-Hamma 357
El-Menchia 414
Enfidaville 273
Feriana 451
Ferryville 451
Gabes 306
Gafour 318
Gafsa 318
Ghardimaou 344
Grombalia 344
Hadjeb el-Ayoun 351
Hammam el-Lif 363
Hammamet 362
Kairouan 469
Kebili 466
La Chebba 482
La Goulette 371
La Manouba 381
La Marsa 381
L'Ariana 274
Le Bardo 280
Le Kef 377
Le Kram 381
Le Krib 481
Mahares 401
Mahdia 395
Maktar 411
Mateur 384
Matmata 401
Maxula Rades 414
Medenine 391
Medjez el-Bab 390
Megrine 405
Menzel Bou-Zelfa 411
Midoun  405
Moknine 405
Monastir 411
M'saken 414
Nabeul 414
Nefta 424
Philippe Thomas 451
Port du Fahs 451
Saint-Germain 450
Sbetla 425
Sidi Bou-Sa'id 450
Sidi Bou-Zid 449
Siliana 450
Smindja 450
Soliman 428
Souk el-Arba 446
Souk el-Khemis 448
Sousse 431
Sfax 452
Tabarka 371
Tamezret 488
Tataouine 367
Tebourba 371
Teboursouk 483
Testour 489
Thala 482
Toujane 484
Tozeur 484
Zaghouan 344
Zarzis 346
Zeraoua 346
Appendix I: List of Localities Populated by Individual Jews Only 492
Appendix II: Two Elegies in Memory of Libyan and Tunisian Communities Destroyed by the Almohads 495
Appendix III: Books Published in the Djerba Press (1912-1960) and the Communities that Helped Finance Them 496
Appendix IV: Jews of Tunisian Origin Who Were Transported from France to Extermination Camps 499
Index of Names 503
Index of Places 527
English Preface VII
 The Map of Libya & Tunisia in the Mediterranean Basin Between pages 2 and 3
 The Map of Libya & Tunisia in the Mediterranean Basin Between pages 28 and 29
 The Map of Tunisia Between pages 204 and 205
 The Map of the City of Tunis & its Environment Between pages 258 and 259

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