The Scroll of Gline
(Glinyany, Ukraine)

49°49' / 24°31'

Translation of Megiles Gline

Edited by Henoch Halpern

Published in New York, 1950



Project Coordinator

Anne Halpern


David Goldman


This is a translation from: Megiles Gline (The Scroll of Gline)
ed. Henoch Halpern, New York, 1950 (307 pages, Y)

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This contribution is a translation, by David Goldman of Brooklyn, New York, of the introductory pages, table of contents, list of survivors, memorials, an errata page, and a few miscellaneous sections from Megiles Gline (The Scroll of Gline), Edited by Henoch Halpern, published by The Gliniany Emergency Aid Committee, New York, 1950 (307 pages, Yiddish). At a future date other sections of the book will be translated and submitted to this Web site.

The list of survivors is given first as it is printed in the book, that is, divided by country, but with none of the lists alphabetized. Appended to the translation is this list of survivors in alphabetical order, with the country of residence in 1949/1950 following each name in parentheses. The alphabetized list was prepared by Anne Halpern.



Yizkor [Memorial] A
A Thank You to All Colleagues B
Forward 1
A Word to the Readers 7
Historical Information about the Shtetl Gliniany 10
Historical Facts and Tradition 11
Followers of the False Messiahs Shabtai Zevi and Jacob Frank in Gline 14
The Shtetl 16
Occupations of Gline Jews 28
Religious Life of Gline Jews 44
The Chassidic Influence on the Shtetl 44
The Synagogue 47
Customs and Practices in the Shtetl 52
Jewish Holidays in the Shtetl 56
Rabbis and Righteous Jews in Gline 68
The Death of the Rebbe and his Replacement 77
The Rabbinate in Gline 78
Talmudic Scholars in Gline 88
Writers and Poets in Gline 89
Community, Heads of the Community, Religious Officials 93
Synagogue Custodians, Cantors and Prayer Leaders 97
Community Trustee, R. Shmuel Leib Neschles 101
Religious Schools in the Shtetl 102
Religious Teachers in Gline 103
Various Organizations in Gline 106
The Gline River 113
The Public Bath and Sweat Bath 113
The Grove, The Uncultivated Field 115
Military Conscription 116
Fires in Town 117
The Great Fire in Gliniany 119
Cultural Life in Town 122
R. Yankele, Chaya Esthers 125
R. Yosef Horowitz 125
Rabbi Baruch Boseches 127
R. Leib Shrabber (Leib Volf) 127
The Baron Hirsch School in Gline 130
Part Two
The Period of the Lovers of Zion Movement and Zionists in Gline 139
The Death of Dr. Theodore Herzl 147
The Battle on Two Fronts 149
Zionist Orators in Town 151
R. Motek Halpern (Mordechai son of Yechezkel) 151
The Spoiled Sabbath 152
The Workers of Zion Association 157
The Jewish National House in Gline 162
The Pure Language 165
Community Conditions in Shtetl before 1914 165
Personalities of Jews in Gline 169
Jews in Villages around Gline 184
Gline before World War I 186
Part Three
A Revolution Comes Along 188
Under the Russian Government 190
Under Austria Again 192
The Ukrainians Take Over Gline 194
The Poles Take Over Gline 195
To Be Remembered Forever 196
The Cholera Epidemic 197
Aid Sent by Gliniany Jews to Their Hometown Between 1919-1939 198
Zionist Activity in Gline after the Fall of the Austrian Empire 204
The Economic Situation of the Jews in Gline 206
Jewish Community Life in Gline between the Two Wars 208
Gline Youth before World War II 210
Spiritual Life before World War II 212
The Detention of the Jews by the Gentiles 213
Part Four
Why? 216
Gline on the Eve of World War II 219
Gline Jews Sent to Russia 222
The Start of Our Great Disaster 224
Torah Scrolls Were Burned 229
Ukrainians Take Over the Town 231
For a Memorial 234
Nine Gline Jews Murdered in the Loshek Forest 237
Petlura's Actions 243
Gline Jews Taken for Slave Labor 244
The Work of the Judenrat and "Contributions" 247
A Miracle Happened 252
The Karvitch Camp 253
The Yochtorov Camp 257
Part Five
Gline Jews Taken to the Premishlan Ghetto 260
I Am The Brave One (Letters from Survivors) 261
Martyrs of Gline, for an Eternal Memorial 276
The Extermination of Several Families 280
The Murder of the Wolf Katz Family 281
Revenge! 285
Relief Work 288
Gline Survivors after World War II 291
(Gline Survivors after World War II  in alphabetical order)
Afterword 294
Remembering the Dead of the Town 295
To Be Remembered Forever 296
Errata 307

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