Memorial book of the Martyrs of Biecz

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Translation of
Sefer zikaron likdoshei ayaratenu Biecz

Edited by Pinchas Wagshall

with Y. L. Blum and Deborah Weinfeld-Samuel


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This is a translation from Sefer zikaron likdoshei ayaratenu Biecz,
(Memorial book of the martyrs of Biecz);
Pinchas Wagshall, ed., with Y. L. Blum and Deborah Weinfeld-Samuel, Ramat Gan, Israel, 1960

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Translated by Sara Mages and Yocheved Klausner


A Photo of the Synagogue in Biecz that was converted to a High-School   3
The Psalm of Asaph – The Book of Psalms Chapter 79   5
The Psalm of Asaph - A Yiddish translation Yehoash 6
May (The Shtetl Biecz) (a poem) [Y] Alter Schnor, May the Lord avenge his blood 8
A Photo of Biecz’s City Council and the Tower   9
I’m the Man… Rav Issachar Dov Halperin 11
Eleh Ezkerah[1] … a Notation to the Soul of the Martyr R'Chaim Shlomo Etzinger, May the Lord avenge his blood   15
Prologue The Editor 19
A Little History   23
The Faithful Shepherd to his Community (the image of the Admor Rav R’Aharon Horowitz, May the memory of the righteous be of a blessing)   35
A Community Leader (the image of Rav Mordechai Vagshal May the memory of the righteous be of a blessing)   41
Massacre Averted in Beitch   51
The Renaissance Days in Biecz   57
The First World War and its Horrors   65
The Great Rabbi R’Meir Shapira, May the memory of the righteous be of a blessing, and Talmud Torah in Biecz Shmuel Faust 73
The Laying of the Cornerstone to Talmud Torah in Biecz Yisrael Isar Hertz 79
Words of Appreciation to the Poet Shmuel Alter Schnor, May the Lord avenge his blood   83
The poet Shmuel Alter Schnor, May the Lord avenge his blood Yakov Katz 84
Shmuel Alter Schnor, May the Lord avenge his blood [Y] Zlate Gebhard 89
17 Poems Written by Shmuel Alter Schnur (samples) [Y]   94
Alter Schnor, May the Lord avenge his blood [Y] Yehiel Granatstein 117
Biecz between the Two World Wars [Y] Dvora Weinfield- Samuel 126
The Holocaust:
The Diary of Yehudah Leib Blum, with an Introduction by the editor. The Author and his Life during the Days of the Holocaust   145
A photo of the memorial plaque in the Chamber of the Holocaust, Mount Zion Jerusalem   177
For Eternal Memory: R’Zev Wietchner and his Family,   178
R’Yakov Yehoshua Koretz of blessed memory and his family
In memory of our beloved townsmen who passed away in Israel: Avraham Koretz, Reuven Erlich (Achiaz), Moshe Werner, Shoshanna Koretz-Yoseftal, Leizer Avraham, Pesia Kleinman-Miller, Matityahu Eichhorn   181
Figures: About Certain people from Biecz: Chaim Shlomo Etzinger, Moshe Blum, Avraham Yehoshua Blum, The Religious Judge R'Elisha Brander, Shalom Rab and Pesach Klein, Aharon Klatz, the ritual slaughterer, Yisrael Erlich, Binyamin Eichhorn, Yakov son of R'Moshe Getz, Yosef Eliezer Spielman, Yehiel Plaster, Eliyahu Reeh, Yochanan Reeh, Moshe Berger, Mendel Weinberg the big, Mendel Weinberg the little, Alter Elisha Weinberger, Yehuda Vagshal, Chaim Yitzchak Koretz, Kopel Sternlicht, Meir Vagshal, The Admor R'Chaim Segel Lieberman – (The rabbi from Dobra), Yakov Yehoshua Koretz, Nuta Stein, Hanina Sturm, Moshe Hirsh Neiman, Yeshaya Leib Etzinger, Yosef Shilai, Elimelech Nusbaum, More about grandfather R'Haim Shlomo Etzinger, Avraham Melamed, Yakov Goldberg, Elimelech Goldberg, Pinchas son of R' Yehudah Vagshal, Yente Hagit Reich, The Ziskind families in Biecz , Yisrael Ziskind, Natan Ziskind, Pinchas Ziskind, Shlomo Ziskind, Moshe Ziskind   197
For Eternal Memory: Shimon Etinger, Yakov Zilberstein, Meir Moshe Zilberstein, Moshe Zilberstein   265
Map of Biecz and the Surrounding Area   268
A list of Biecz's martyrs Given by Avraham Singer and Leib Blum 273
Images: Avraham and Yocheved Samuel, Menachem Mendel Samuel, Efraim Yitzchak and Rivka Samuel. Dor Weg   284
For Eternal Memory: Mordechai Vagshal, Yehoshua Koplik, Anshel Lezer, Eideil Liba Rosenberg, David Shlomo Retig, Michael Yakobovitz   287
A supplement to the list of martyrs   293
For Eternal Memory: Aharon Klatz, Elimelech Blum, Leibish Helsinger, Zipora Stein-Vagshal, the Singer family, Yehudah Weinfeld, Mendel Stein, Zev Vietchnner, Binyamin, Dvora and Eliyahu Reeh   294
The Bieczer Community in America:
Chairman Shlomo Samuel Klotz (photo)   302
The Bieczer Memorial Book [E]   303
My Shtetl Biecz [Y] Elias Singer 305
The Bieczer Community in America [Y] Y. L. Blum 306
Milton Maurer, President 1961-1962 (photo)   310
A Short Overview of the History of the Bieczer Community in America [Y] Isidor Klotz 311
The Presidents of the Bieczer society in America (photo)   321
Photo of Mr. Shlomo Klotz with the president of Israel, Mr. Yitzchak Ben-Tzvi   330
For Eternal Memory: Rav Moshe Tzvi Neumann   332
The Bieczer Association in Israel [Y] Avraham Singer 333
The board members of the Beiczer Association in Israel   336
Epilogue [Y] Pinchas Vagshal 337
Remember the Holocaust of the Jewish people… Dr. M. Dvorzhetski 339
Here is this Tombstone…[Y]   340
For Eternal Memory: Yosef Yoseftal, Eliezer Goldberg, Zeinvil Borgenicht, Treina Blum   343
Index of names   346
Corrections   355
Beitcher's Society's Membership Roster    
Friends of Beitcher Society    

  1. The Midrash “Eleh Ezkerah” recounts the execution of ten famous teachers of the Mishnah in the time of the persecution by Hadrian. Return

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