The Community of Bacau
(Bacău, Romania)

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Translation of
Kehilat Bacau; historiyah yehudit mefoeret

Editors: Meir Eibeshits, Y. Voladi-Vardi

Published in Tel Aviv 1990




This is a translation of: Kehilat Bacau; historiyah yehudit mefoeret (The community of Bacau),
Editor: Meir Eibeshits, Y. Voladi-Vardi, Published: Tel Aviv 1990 (H 240 pages)

Note: The original book can be seen online at the NY Public Library site: Bacau

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Translated by Yocheved Klausner


Introduction 9
History 11
Memories from the life of the Bacau Community Meir Eybeshitz z”l
A town on the banks of the Bistritza
Testimonies from hundreds of years ago Yitzhak Schwartz-Kara
Memories from the town Menashko Kotter z”l
Bacau Jews go to Eretz Israel with the “First Aliya”
To other horizons around the world
The Zionist movement in the Bacau community and neighborhood Lika Avrahami-Ghuttman
“The Jews - a national danger”
Economic life in Bacau
“Strada Mare” [The Great Street]
The Holocaust 65
Signs of the Days of Wrath
Increasing persecutions
Economic persecutions - poverty
A “Children's Home”
Spiritual life in the ghetto
“The Dreams Melody” [Haloimes Melody] musical
Flight and escape
The Transnistria orphans
The End
New Horizons 101
The “Republic” in Bacau
Even in the sun there are shadows
A meeting with the past
From the Memories of Bacau Jews 113
Bacau of long ago… (The story of two Torah Scrolls) Meir Eybeshitz z”l
Bacau: People who lived in the past… Yitzhak Schwartz-Kara
“Numerus Clausus” Dr. Avraham Karatzo
Memories from Târgul-Ocna Willy Sabin
Jewish Bacau in Literature 133
A story by S.Y. Agnon about the Jews in the Bacau county Lucian Zev Hershkowitz
“Shame on the Jids” Marius Mirko
The matchmaker from Bacau Alexander Sever
Two poems Yitzhak Barkat
Memories Rabbanit Devora Landman
Reports from the Past 155
Porumbaru's catapult stones
From Bacau to Mikveh-Israel before WWI Lucian Zev Hershkowitz
Social conflict in the Bacau Jewish community before WWI Chaim Glick
Coroiu [a known bandit]… and the Jewish Question
A literary discussion that will not be forgotten Chaim Glick
The lights from Buhush
The dead man who returned from the cemetery
A volonteer in Republican Spain in 1936-39
The Bacau Jews are proud of them… Yakov Harari (Ohringer) 187
The Eyebschitz “university”
Rabbi Dr. Alexander Shafran
Prof. Moshe Gyl
Prof. Solomon Marcus
Tehila Ofer
Bibiana Goldenthal
Rabbanit Devora Landman
Of Blessed Memory: They are not with us any more 211
Meir Eybeschitz
Photograph of the Bacau rabbis
Dr. Shmuel Sabet
Dr. Herman Aronianu
Wolf Zev Isser
Yosef Itzikowitz
Yosef Goldenberg
Yosef Feldhar
The Schmeltzer brothers
David Vataru
Their names will never be forgotten
Historical Documentation 223
The register [pinkas] of the Poalei Tzedek Society, tailors, Bacau 1831 Yitzhak Schwartz-Kara
Register of the Gemilut Hasadim [charity] Society for mutual aid, Bacau 1836 Yitzhak Schwartz-Kara
The Hebrew Printing-shop in Romania Yitzhak Schwartz-Kara
Memorial stones Yitzhak Schwartz-Kara
An article that was never published: The Ancient History of the Jews in the World A. D. Birenberg


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