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Submitted by Joel Weiner

Information Question
Category: Translation - Yiddish
Family Surname: Gloth
Country: Poland
Date of Image: 1921
  This is page 1 of 4 of handwritten Yiddish. Part of the Application for U.S. Passport for my g-mother's cousin. There was a translation attached to the application. It's only a few 100 words, and probably didn't capture all of the original. It says:
"Dear Uncle Max and Aunt Rose,
I was very happy to receive the 500000 Polish Marks and then your letter. It is impossible to describe our terrible condition. There are many orphans left, but I think that sister and I are worse off than the rest. Thank God for our relatives that I can stay with them. It is very nice of them to keep me, but they are very poor. There is a young man who wants to marry me, and sister could stay with me, but I need a little money for expense. We have nothing left of our belongings, not even a towel, as the Kezaks took everything we possessed. You can imagine how happy I was when I received the money which Joel sent to me. My only hope is to get some relief from you." (Another paragraph continues asking for $100).

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