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ViewMate Posting VM 99487

Submitted by Ilan Ganot

Information Picture Question
Category: Translation - Polish
Approval Date: 8/10/2022 12:31 PM
Family Surname: Spiegel
Country: Ukraine
Town: Stryj near Dolina
Date of Image: 1911
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This image presents a page from 1911 Skole Marriage Register. The relevant record is line no. 1, detailing marriage record of Abraham Leibisch Spiegel (my grandfather, born in Zakli near Dolina) and Chane Lustig (my grandmother, born in Suchodol near Dolina).
Translation of Line 1 only is requested, especially the personal details of the bride and groom and the remark (Anmerkung).

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On  Response 
8/11/2022 7:05 PM Date and place of marriage: 3 January 1911, Synowódzko Wyżne (Verkhneye Sinevidnoye, Ukraine)

Groom: Abraham Leibisch SPIEGEL, false (see below) EISENBERG, born in Zakli powiat Dolina, kupiec, living in Synowódzko Wyżne. Son of Simon SPIEGEL and Chaja EISENBERG from Zakli. Aged 28 years, 7 months and 8 days. Single.

Bride: Chana LUSTIG, false SPIEGEL, born in Suchodol, powiat Dolina, daughter of Golda LUSTIG and the deceased Mejer Schmiel (?) SPIEGEL from Lipowice, powiat Dolina. Aged 21 years, 5 months and 8 days. Single.

Rabbi: Isaac Moses ??, rabbi of Skole.
Witnesses: Leibisch LIPSCHITZ? and Hersz HALPEN?

Comments: Birth certificate 21 November 1901 from Dolina; birth certificate 11 December 1910 from Dolina. Permission to marry in Skole.
Numbers are reference numbers for these documents.


False" (often abbreviate f.) implies usage and means an individual might be using the father's surname but officially should be using the mother's surname due to lack of the required civil marriage. Example: Brown f. Cohen means the person used Cohen (father's surname) but Brown is the legal name (mother's surname).

"Recte" (often abbreviated r.) means "legally" or "correctly" or "corrected" and was used to correct the surname of an individual, sometimes following
a civil marriage between the parents. Example: Brown r. Cohen means the person used Brown, but Cohen is the legal name.

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