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Submitted by Rose Miriam Raymen

Information Picture Question
Category: Photo Identification
Approval Date: 5/25/2022 1:09 PM
Family Surname: Zylberstein
Country: Poland
Town: Kalisz
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I would like to know what type of institution was and the approximate period. My father Jozef Zylberstein is pictured in the front row on the left.

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5/26/2022 3:10 PM it is definitely from a period when a moustache was in fashion. Just kidding.
Your father looks about 8 years old. you can figure out the approximate year.
a couple of names are written in Hebrew/Yiddish font.
The forth guy from left, on the forth row is marked הילער. should sound like Hiller or Heller.
On the bottom the word on the right is צוסביסטדי or דוסביסטדי.
May sound like Zosbistady or Dosbistady (letters for D and Z in Hebrew may be hard to distinguish). It may a last name, or a name of the school or club?
A wild guess on the institution: the age of the kids varies from about 8 to 16-17. so it is not a regular class. Maybe a small school? like a Jewish school?
Or maybe it is a sport club? the kids seem to be dressed in a sport uniform? even some of the teachers.
I hope it helps
5/27/2022 2:15 PM It looks like a school - co-educational gymnasium.
The date?
There was a Jewish co-educational gymnasium in Kalisz founded in 1920.
(8/klasowe Gimnazjum Towarzystwa Żydowskich Szkół Średnich w Kaliszu. pl.Kilińskiego 3)
Notice the ribbon on the central teacher's (director's) dress.
It looks like a cockade with Polish flag colors. (If so - then rather after 1918)
The other way to detemine the date would be to find when the photographer was active. W.Wawrzyniak.
I did not find the name on the site with old hoto studios
5/28/2022 5:32 AM Here:

Photography of Witold Wawrzyniak from Kalisz, Al. Józefina is mentioned:

"Szachówna, in her 1927 guide, writes about 7 photos in Kalisz, including three in Al. Józefina:

3. Photo Witold Wawrzyniak at number? (Maybe at number 8 - after Sngel?)
... "

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