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ViewMate Posting VM 98068

Submitted by Linda Gold Buford

Information Picture Question
Category: Translation - Yiddish
Approval Date: 4/6/2022 12:32 PM
Family Surname: Gold
Country: Poland
Town: Bialystok
Date of Image: 1938
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Would love a translation especially all names, places, and any interesting facts. Relationships, births, marriages and deaths.
Thank you in advance.

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On  Response 
4/12/2022 3:47 PM as you see Leah’le Berger…
Mula! And now the saddest; our dear friend Tuznik is no more among the living. He fell like one of the greatest heroes struggling with fascism on the fields of Extramadura. In the Parisian press it was written exactly how he fell, which in short goes like this, (I send you an obituary from the “Robotnik” which was therefore confiscated), after taking an important hill through a tactical maneuver and capturing many fascist soldiers. ... were sent the next day and counterattacked Moroccan shooters, unfortunately one of their bullets put an end to his ... life. I just want to mention here that the most important brigade is the Dombrowski brigade and the bravest? battalion was the Botwin battalion and our Tuznik was a captain in that battalion. So much about him in the Parisian press. The news simply crushed us, but that is fate. No more is the smooth, proud, partially naïve ... Tuznik. Ah, that’s enough for now, write about your life, business friends you send a ... from yourself. Your friend N. Veka [signature unclear]
P.S. I did not write everything so that the others will have something to write about. Heartfelt wishes from my family and from Michaln, Felen and all the rest N. Veka

Bialystok 1 August 1938
Dear friend,
Surely you have asked “Do friends not find it necessary to answer a letter, and generally take an interest in me?” but it’s not so. We are interested in your life in America. The fact is the regular information about your goings on at home. Our imprecise answer is simply the great heat (40 – 50 degrees [Celsius]) , the special … who should still be familiar to you and maybe... Come on, you know us a bit… I mean you don’t pay attention to us and and let our contact be broken.
Mula! “Summer life” the summer life which you know so well in Bialystok, if you have already forgotten about it I will remind you of some of it. Plan A is the beach and on the beach is Dojlidy. The best method of humor, forgetting daily life, hanging around and whatnot?

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