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ViewMate Posting VM 97015

Submitted by Roger Paul Kingsley

Information Picture Question
Category: Translation - German
Approval Date: 1/23/2022 11:42 AM
Family Surname: Konigsberger
Country: France
Town: Gurs
Date of Image: July 14, 1940
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This is another postcard written by my grandmother, Elise Konigsberger, to her husband and son, Paul and Joseph. After they were forced to flee their home in Aachen, Germany, they went to Belgium. When Germany attacked that country, they were arrested and sent by cattle car to the men's and women's concentration camps in southern France. The only means of contacting each other was mail between the camps.

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On  Response 
1/25/2022 3:20 PM Hello Roger,

I gave the transcription the first try: there are just a few words I couldn't read. Hopefully, someone else can revise the German text and translate it.

The wording and handwriting are rather eloquent, and Elise is trying to sound positive. She (and Coco/Koko) seem to have slept in a hotel and are looking for less costly accommodation.
If the words are not a euphemism, the women are not staying in a camp right now.

Kind regards from Germany, Corinna

14. July (19)40

Josef Königsberter
__ 1 Baraque 27
Camp St. Cyprien
Pyreénees Orientale

Geliebter Männe, lieber (Küttel ?),
leider konnten wir dir heute das (ersehnte/ersuchte?)
Telegramm nicht schicken, weil der Stempel
der Mairi (Mairie) nötig war. Morgen früh geht es
sofort ab, und ist hoffentlich schnell bei
Euch. Euren (1./l=Lieben?). Brief haben wir (gestern/gleich?) bei
Leni (?) in Empfang genommen, so froh ich
auch war, so betrübt es mich doch, dass
vorläufig mit Euren Entlassungen nicht
zu rechnen ist. Wir sind selig mitein-
ander, für Koko war die ganze Reise
hierher und nach (____?) eine Riesenan-
strengung. Wir haben gestern früh um
11 Uhr das Hauß verlassen und waren
trotz der Nähe erst heute früh um 8 Uhr
hier. Die Nacht teilweise im Zuge oder
auf den Böden der Bahnhofshallen.
Wir haben heute von 9-12 Uhr geschlafen,
von 2-6 Uhr ebenfalls, sogar ich ganz
fest in einem Bett, wunderbar. Wir
bleiben nicht lange im Hotel Frascati,
wir nehmen uns in Ruhe ein Zimmer,
das ist billiger & schöner. Schreibt bitte
weiter an Lenis (?) Adresse. Ich hoffe,
dass sich Koko in der Ruhe rasch erholt.


Ich bin dünn und grau
geworden, aber gesund!
Morgen schreiben
wir ganz ausführlich. Ich
vertraue noch (doch?) auf ein baldiges
Wiedersehen, es bleibt nichts
unversucht. Bleibt gesund,
viel viel Liebes von Lieschen.

(different handwriting)

Liebe Leute! Morgen früh schreibe
ich Euch ganz ausführlich über
alle Erlebnisse und über Euren
(u. deren ?) Aufträge. Irrfahrten
des Odysseus waren ___ meine
Reise! Jetzt kommt Erholung &
Ausruhen. Lieschen ist dünn ge-
worden, Gesicht verbrannt, muß
sich gründlich erholen, Fraß war
mittelklassig, bei uns ___
dagegen. Haben heute (Philipp ?)
begrüßt, es geht gut. (Heinz X ?)
ist von Toulouse nach Marseille,
schreibt (?) unglücklich. Alles Gute,
Gruß & Kuß, Coco

1/27/2022 1:57 PM Hello Roger,

below you will find an imperfect translation of the card.

The transcription, as well as the translation include the following

"Beloved Männe /Geliebter Männe"... is Viewmate No. 97015
"I am thin and grey / I am thin and grey" and the address is Viewmate Number 97016

Regards again from Corinna

Beloved Männe, dear (Küttel ?),
unfortunately, we could not send you the (longed for or requested) telegram today, because the stamp of the Mairi (Mairie) was necessary. Tomorrow morning it will leave immediately and hopefully reach you quickly. We received your (first or l.=lovely) letter at Leni's (?) (yesterday/same day?), as happy as I was, it saddens me that your release is not to be expected for the time being. We are happy together, for Koko the whole journey here and to (____?) was a huge effort. We left the house yesterday morning at 11 a.m. and were only here this morning at 8 a.m. despite the proximity. The night partly in the train or on the floors of the station halls.
We slept from 9-12 o'clock today, from 2-6 o'clock as well, even I I slept very soundly in a bed, wonderful. We don't stay long at the Hotel Frascati,
we'll get a room at our leisure, It's cheaper and nicer. Please write
to Leni's (?) address. I hope that Koko recovers quickly in the peace and quiet.


I am thin and grey but healthy!
Tomorrow we will write in detail. I (still?) trust that we will meet again soon, no stone will be left unturned. Stay healthy, much much love from Lieschen.

(different handwriting)

Dear Folks! Tomorrow morning I will write to you in detail about all the
about all our experiences and about your (and their?) orders. Our trip was like Odysseus' journey! Now comes rest & rest. Lieschen has become thin and her face is (sun)burnt, has to recover thoroughly, food was medium-grade, with us ___ on the other hand. Today we welcomed (Philip ?), he's going well. (Heinz X ?) is from Toulouse to Marseille, writes (?) unhappily. All the best,
Greetings & kisses, Coco
1/28/2022 10:03 AM Hi Roger and Corinna,
I try a translation:

Dearest "Männe" (Man), dear Küttel,
unfortunately we couldn't send you the longed-for telegram today, because the stamp of the Maire (mayoralty) is necessary. Tomorrow in the morning it is send off immediately and will be reach you hopefully very soon. Your kindly letter we received just now from Leni, as happy as I was, nevertheless it saddens me, that we can't expect your release soon. We are happy with each other, for Koko the journey here and to Gurs was a huge effort. We left the camp yesterday morning at 11 a'clock and arrived here today at 8 a'clock in the morning, even though it is nearby. The night in the train or on the ground of the railstations. Today we slept from 9-12, also from 2-6, even I slept soundly in a bed, marvelous. We don't stay a long time her in the hotel Frascati, unhurriedly we looking for a room, that is cheaper and nicer. Pls keep writing to the address of Leni. I hope, Koko recovers quickly, now without the stress.
I be thin and turned grey, but healthy! Tomorrow we write all in detail. Nervertheless I rely on meet you again soon, it remains nothing untried, Stay healthy and all the very best from Lieschen.
other handwriting:
Dear people! Tomorrow in the morning I will write in detail from all my adventures and from ?woman? and whose orders. My trip was like Odysseus' odyssey! Now I recover and take a rest. Lieschen became thin and the face is (sun?)burned, needs thoroughly recovering. Food (grub) was third class, with us Gursettas(?) on the other hand. We just greet Philips (Thilips?), he/she is well. H(K)e(l)inz(y) R. is travled from Toulouse to Marseille, writes(? sounds) unhappy. All the best, greetings and kiss Coco

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