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Submitted by Sam Eneman

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Category: Translation - Tombstone
Approval Date: 1/16/2022 12:17 PM
Family Surname: Eneman
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Please translate the Hebrew on my great grandfather's gravestone. It looks like a poem with the first letter of each line spelling his name in Hebrew. Thanks.

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1/16/2022 12:52 PM You are correct, that most of the text on the stone is an acrostic poem of praise that spells out the Hebrew name.
Here lies

our dear father,

righteous, honored, and honest

He supported the poor always

He honored the holy with understanding

He walked faithfully in G-d's path

Pure and considered the crown of our head [or: pure and important, the crown of our head]

A beloved father, the glory of our heart


son of Reb Binyamin Binush

He passed away 21 Shvat 5704

May his soul be bound up in the bond of life.

'Reb' is an honorific; it does not mean rabbi.

The acrostic poem rhymes. There are 7 letters in the Hebrew name Yaakov Ze'ev. It seems that those who wrote the poem wanted it to be an even number of rhyming lines. As a result, the first five lines each begin with one letter of the name, and the sixth line begins with the sixth and seventh letter (which happen to spell out the word 'father').

Yaakov is Hebrew for Jacob; Ze'ev is Hebrew for wolf.

His father had a double Hebrew name. Binyamin is Hebrew for Benjamin, and Binush is probably a Yiddish nickname for the name Binyamin.

The 21st day of the month of Shvat of the year 5704 began at sunset on February 14th, 1944, and ended at sunset on the 15th.

1/16/2022 1:11 PM Here buried
Our dear father
Honest, honorable, and innocent
Supported the needy all his days
Respected the holy ones with wisdom
With true faith followed the ways of God
Pure and important, our crown
A goodwilling father, our hearts glory.
1/16/2022 11:01 PM I too prefer variants of "honest" as a translation for the Hebrew word "tammim".

It is worth remembering that although the word is used in modern Hebrew for "innocent" it also has the meaning of "whole" as when saying "I waited a whole day for a response" ("yom tammim").

The original meaning of "tam" and "tammim" has to do with wholeness i.e. integrity.

Thus, an honest person, a person of integrity.
1/23/2022 8:33 AM H(ere) L(ies)
Our dear father
Straight of heart, honored and flawless
He supported the poor all his days
He honored the holy with his intellect
He walked faithfully in god’s path
Pure and esteemed, crown of our head
Cherished father, our hearts’ glory
Yaakov (=Jacob) Zev
son of Benjamin Beinish
died 21 Shevat (5)704

Then the boilerplate abbreviation “may his soul be bound in the bonds of (everlasting) life”

david d. (submitted via JGDG)
1/23/2022 8:36 AM I can read his name as follows:

Yakov Zev son of Benjamin Beinish

Hope this helps.

Diane J. (submitted via JGDG)

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