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Submitted by Terry Sklair Taylor

Information Picture Question
Category: Translation - Yiddish
Approval Date: 5/26/2021 12:07 PM
Family Surname: unknown
Country: Poland
Town: Szcrucryn
Date of Image: 20 Sept 1938
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Requesting a translation of this letter.

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On  Response 
5/31/2021 4:58 AM Written to "Dear sister and brother in law and kids".
Starts out with a comment at not having receןved replieד to letterד sent, and how much it costs her in health.
If I read this correctly, today [i.e. these days] she's the only one of the family left alone [not sure what this refers to, but see questions and further text].

How are you doing, what's up with you all, any good news, what are the kids doing they must grown people by now and how's our brother doing, and his family, and also Moshke, does he come [to visit] you and how is he doing do write about everything. About the children in Uruguay I can write that they're making a living, better than in Poland[.] Riveh writes seldom ---- they're living very good [not sure] and the children are learning well. Khayeh writes more often got a letter from her too this week she's not complaining they don't make a fortune but do make a fine living Beylke wrote that her daughter Sheyndl has settled [?] in Chicago write me if you meet one another [or "visit one another"] and how she settled down ["got herself organized"] write about everything. No special news from here I assume you know the conditions for Jews in Poland from the newspapers a new year is coming let's hope it'll be a good one. And that deliverance will come to all Jews. Dear sister a few months ago I recieved 50 [not clear to me if 50 dollars or 50 Zloti, I think the latter] I believe it was from you [plural] I also thank you greatly for the 50 dollars the you sent us God should give you health and a living for the new year and all the best a Ktivah ve Khtima Tova [traditional expression of wishing well for the new year]. We should hear from you much good. Heartfelt greetings to our dear brother Yaakov Shmuel and his family oh how happy I would be if he would write a few words sometime. I end my writing best wishes you well wishing sister Mirka.

The last three lines are good wishes for the new year from the brother in law Avraham - who addresses the readers as "unknow" indicating that he and they have never met in person.

Can't make out the surname -- possibly Vishnevski - I'm only sure of the "ski" part.

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