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Submitted by Rene Eisner

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Category: Translation - Yiddish
Approval Date: 5/2/2021 12:08 PM
Family Surname: Rosenblatt
Country: Israel
Town: Tel Aviv
Date of Image: 1925
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this is a challenge for someone. if possible can you please translate this New Year postcard. it is from the Family Rosenblatt in Tel Aviv 1925.
thank you in advance, Rene Eisner, Melbourne, Australia

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On  Response 
5/3/2021 7:23 AM Dear father I do not know what to write to you I can not comprehend your behavior you make your family unhappy because of "piasters" (I think it refers to the currency of the money in Palestine). Six houses have burnt in ? (IPU?) so you see one can not worry why with your intelligence will you do nothing have you not seen what you thought was the opposite. therefore sell and come as long one can sell. Do not worry us with your worry ??? (I think the idea is that you are transferring your worries to us)
5/4/2021 2:01 AM Six houses were burn in יפו = Jaffa.

The last line, in Hebrew: From your son who hopes to see you soon, Pessach.

There is text in Hebrew on the top as well:
To our beloved father,
We wish you will have a good and successful year [the Hebrew verb I translated as "wish" comes from word "bless"]
Your wife, your sons and you daughters.
The Rosenblatt family.

Diagonal on the right, in ink: The traditional New Year's Blessing, in Hebrew.

The date: Tel Aviv, 2 September 1925

I can't really make out the Yiddish text top left corner. which mentions photographs, a photographer (?) and an address. The Yiddish text in pencil diagonal right looks like a commetary added by someone else and says something like: "They were ---- here from 1925 to 1928"
5/5/2021 1:43 PM Adding the missing information from the above translations.

Yiddish text top left corner:
Send to [Glog Chainkowy] David Pesach's address
Send the photo to uncle Wolf

Yiddish text in pencil diagonal right:
See what a fool you were from 1925 to 1928
5/5/2021 11:47 PM The interpretation of the additional Yiddish is absolutely correct.
(From translator no. 2.)
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