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Submitted by David Gordon

Information Picture Question
Category: Translation - Russian
Approval Date: 4/28/2021 1:05 PM
Family Surname: Gurevich
Country: Belarus
Town: Lapichi
Date of Image: 1887?
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I was given two images (front) and back of what I have been told is a "birth registration" for my grandfather, Gershon Gurevich. He was born in Lapichi in either 1887 or 1889. The picture quality is very poor, I am afraid, and the back is clearer than the front. I would be most grateful for any information that can be gotten from this document. Many thanks.

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On  Response 
4/22/2021 10:17 AM The heading on this page says "Certificate". It's hard to read the handwriting and enlarging the image distorts it. But the seal and printing say it comes from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the official community rabbi of the town of Igumen and its uezd (district), in Minsk gubernia. Lapichi was in Igumen uezd, and Igumen is now Chervyen, Belarus. I can see the name Gurevich. The other page (the back of the certificate?) is dated Nov 3, 190?. It makes reference to an 1887 birth record in the Lapichi community, maybe on the 28th of March, although the month isn't clear. On this page I don't see who was born.
4/22/2021 4:50 PM Technically, this is not a record of birth for this individual. It's a document that could be obtained from the official in charge of registrations, that had information from the actual record of birth. For example, if you applied to school, university, etc, you would request this document to be created and provided to you so you can submit it along with other required documents. I've seen this exact type of document part of set of documents for a university admission.
The position of the official in charge of registrations was called a state rabbi or similar. You can lookup "crown rabbi" on wikipedia for an explanation.

This would be more readable if you were to obtain a higher resolution image. Have you inquired if vital records for this shtetl exist, perhaps you can just obtain the original registration act.
4/29/2021 2:10 AM I can add:
in 1887 it had been recorded
something about
petty bourgeois Movsha ... Shi...nov (son of Shimon?) GURVICH
and Ra...l (Rakhel?) SELDAROV??
... was given name Gershon (so, we may conclude it had been about the birth)
three lines I cannot read exact. I'l go to the other side

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