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Submitted by Joan Lorber

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Category: Translation - Yiddish
Approval Date: 4/11/2021 12:04 PM
Family Surname: Migdal
Date of Image: August 29, 1911
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The picture on the front of this postcard is son Jacob with his father Yitzhak -- the postcard appears to be written in yiddush and I would love to know what he has written -- we don't know who it is written to - I think it was sent from Germany

Thank you

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On  Response 
4/10/2021 3:12 PM August 30, 1911

Much beloved sister-in-law Layla dear. It is surprising that Layla hasn't written to me at all. The ---- came. Certainly Yankele passed on everything and also a letter came from Itzhak. ----- I can't understand at all? Also I now received a letter from Itzhak from Rovno. So I beg you send an answer ----. I have no time to write. I am busy. Itzhak saw how busy I am. You can't believe. From your brother-in-law who sends you all good wishes and respect. -- Migdal.

The stamp shows the sender was in the Russian Empire, which at the time included much of Poland, Ukraine, Finland, Etc. There is a postmark from Warsaw (in Cyrillic, its the destination I think) and another postmark I can't read at all. I suggest you post it in the Russian section and someone will translate the address of who this was sent to and the postmarks. One postmark that is not Warsaw is where it was sent from I assume.
4/10/2021 10:30 PM I think the beginning should be: "I wonder greatly that Laylah [asn't written whether ---- came (arrived)) or did not".
The missing word could be Yaakov, which makes sense when you see the underline under the word "Rovna", as though the writer is saying: What is going on here? Yitskhak is sending me a letter from *Rovna* and you haven't written a word about Yaakov's arrival?"
4/11/2021 8:55 AM I agree. It looks like it says, I wonder that Layla hasn't written whether Yakov came or not.
4/11/2021 9:47 AM The heading is in Russian and says Lukov (Луковъ). This is where the card was written and there are two postmarks with that name, one directly on the stamp (cost 3 kopeks). The recipient was I.M. Migdal of Warsaw, and there is a Warsaw postmark as well. His address was Orlinaya 11.

The last Cyrillic letter ъ in Lukov is called a hard sign that didn't affect pronunciation, and after the 1918 spelling reform it was no longer used in such cases. There is a Łuków, Poland that is 63 miles east of Warsaw and is a good bet for this town.

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