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Submitted by Alan Jay Klein

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Category: Translation - Tombstone
Approval Date: 3/28/2021 1:44 PM
Family Surname: Phillips
Country: USA
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Please translate Hebrew to English each gravestone.

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3/28/2021 4:38 PM Here lies our dear and modest mother
Lifsha daughter of Avi Ozer
died 3 Tishri 5720
May her soul be bound up in the bond of everlasting life (acronym)
Note: Historically, modesty among women was a prized attribute.

Here lies Menachem Mendel
son of Yehuda
died 20 Cheshvan 5689
May his soul be bound up....

3/29/2021 8:43 PM Lipsha’s father is called “our rabbi and teacher”. That usually but not always means he really was a rabbi.
Her father’s name was Avi Ezer which is spelled unusually as two words.
David Dubin
Teaneck New Jersey
3/29/2021 11:21 PM For Menachem Mendel:
The 20th day of the month of Cheshvan of the year 5689 began at sunset on November 2nd, 1928, and ended at sunset on the 3rd.

For Lifshe:
The 3rd of Tishri, 5720, began at sunset on October 4th, 1959, and ended at sunset on the 5th.
3/31/2021 1:20 PM Dear Mr. Klein,
On the left side of the picture: Here is buried Rabbi Menachem Mendel. Died on the 20th of Cheshvan, 5680 which was November 2, Friday after sunset through Saturday November 3, 1928. In other words the Holy Day of the Shabbos. Therefore we can understand that there was something special about Reb Menachem Mendel who merited passing away on Shabbos. According to our tradition the Gates of Gehenom are closed on Shabbos thus anyone who dies, their souls enter directly into Gan Eden.
On the right side of the picture: Here is buried our dear and humble mother Lifsha daughter of מו''ה- abbreviation for Moreinu Harav- our Teacher and Rabbi, Avi Ezer. She died on 3rd of Tishrei 5720 which was either October 4 after sunset, or October 5th, 1959. The 3rd of Tishrei is the day after Rosh Hashanah, the traditional Fast of Gedaliah, traditionally a sad day in Jewish History. Usually the title Our Teacher and Rabbi is reserved for recognized & ordained Rabbis & Scholars.
The last line under both sides reads an abbreviation of the quote from the Prophets (Shmuel A, 25: 29): May his soul be bound in the bundle of life.
The name Aviezer is biblical. He was a son of Gilad from the Tribe of Menashe. Aviezer is mentioned a few times in the various books of the Torah.

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