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Submitted by Alan Moskowitz

Information Picture Question
Category: Translation - Russian
Approval Date: 3/17/2021 1:40 PM
Family Surname: Vaskovych and Backrack
Country: Russia
Town: Pryluky
Date of Image: 1908
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This is the marriage certificate for my grandparents. See number 34 on the left side. I already have a partial(?) translation from the Russian, although there is also Hebrew / Yiddish in the document which may yield more information. I want to know if the translation is correct and complete. Perhaps there is more information that was not translated. There will be 3 enlarged parts of this document that I will also post since they will be easier to read. Or you may email me for those files. The information I have follows and thank you for any help you can provide. The document parts flow top (number 1), middle (number 2) to bottom (number 3).

(In Jewish Metric Book of Pryluky), 1908, there is record of marriage number 34, Date of marriage Oct 12, 1908. Groom - Nokhim Itskov Vaskovych, a 22 year old bourgeois of Dukorsk (Igumen District, Minsk Province). Bride - Sprintze Chaya, daughter of Leib Bakrak, Haslavitsky bourgeois, 20 years old, maiden.

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On  Response 
3/17/2021 7:54 PM clarification on your existing translation

Nokhim Itskov Vaskovych = Nokhim son of Itsko Vaskovich.

bride's last name is Bakhrakh, where "kh" is the same sound as h in "home"

Haslavitsky bourgeois = he was registered in Khislavichi, which was part of Mstislav uezd in Mogilev governorate
3/18/2021 11:15 AM I'm translating the relevant Hebrew portion.
The local of Dukor in Ihumen region Minsk province, Nachum son of Yitzchak Vaskovitch,22. The maiden Shprintza Chava son of the local of Hachuslavitch Leib Bachrak,20.
Married by the Rabbi,30th of Tishrey.
(Assuming this was in 1908 since the Hebrew doesn't include the year, a conversion to the English date comes up with October 25th. Since Russia only switched from the Julian calendar in 1918 this would have been called October 12th.)

Binyamin Kerman
Baltimore MD

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