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Submitted by David Wilfred Jacobowitz

Information Picture Question
Category: Translation - Polish
Approval Date: 3/10/2021 3:12 PM
Family Surname: Kreinik
Country: Poland
Town: Sanisławów, Kopaniny,
Date of Image: 28 Aug 1945
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This page 1 of a letter from Rena Weidler Wattenberg Kreinik Ampel to Henryk Birencwajg, an administrator. She was trying to locate the family of Stanislaw Zamorski, who rescued her from the Nazis in Poland. The story of her hiding and rescue is here:

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On  Response 
3/15/2021 3:59 PM The Honorable Mr. Henryk Birenbaum
Director of the Department of the Ministry of the Treasury

Please kindly forgive me for daring to question you, Mr Director, and to address you on a matter which in the strict sense is not directly related to your office, but I know that you are the only one who will be able to help in this matter.
A few days ago I learned from a chance acquaintance that a certain Mr Stanisław Zamorski works at the Treasury Ministry
I also learned that you are the Director of the Department of the said Ministry. However, this person could not give me any further information about Mr Zamorski's address, nor could he help me find it, as he is currently living in Germany and is not returning to Poland.

It is of the utmost importance for me to ascertain Mr Zamorski's address and to contact him. I owe a debt of gratitude to Mr Zamorski and his family, for I owe them my life.
Let me tell you briefly what Mr and Mrs Zamorski meant to me, and I believe that, having considered all that I shall say below, I am sure that you will not fail to help me find them.
When, in August 1944, after having been through several deportations, transports to gas chambers, a stay in a ghetto, and finally a stay in the forests of the Stanisławow district, chased like a beast because of my racial affiliation, without money, hungry and ragged, I found myself by coincidence in a village Kopaniny completely unknown to me, near Dębowiec in the Jasło district. I entered a house inhabited by people I did not know, asking for shelter for a few hours. I did this without expecting that these people would comply with my request, having learnt from experience that so far no one wanted to accept people in my condition and without documents. On the contrary, they often denounced the local police authorities or the occupying forces.
At the home of the Zamorskis, because I am referring to them, I was welcomed, fed, my aching legs were treated and I was not allowed to leave. I was not asked about anything, no documents were requested, and the Aryan features of my appearance were not examined. Mrs. Zamorska shared with me her already meagre wardrobe, and the whole family shared with me every morsel of the very meagre rations for the Polish population.
I stayed in the Zamorskis' house from August 1944 until the arrival of the Soviet army, treated like a member of the closest family. All this when, for keeping a Jew, the whole family was threatened with the death penalty.
The help of the Zamorskis was completely selfless, as I was penniless and, as I have said, naked and barefoot. This help was all the more self-sacrificing in such a small village as Kopaniny, where every newcomer attracted attention and where Mr. Zamorski himself lived seeking peace and distance from the occupation authorities, because as a former officer in the Polish Army he was exposed to danger himself.
During my stay in the above-mentioned house, I saw many times Jews coming out of the woods and receiving food, clothing, etc. from Mr. and Mrs. Zamorski.
Words cannot express the deep reverence and respect I feel for Mr and Mrs Zamorski. And for this reason, supposing that the Director can give me his help in finding them, I turn to him as a man who will understand my feelings and grant my request.
I express my deepest respect and thank you in advance for your kind reply.
Yours sincerely, Rena Kreinik

I used deepl site to translate the text.

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