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Submitted by Paul Hattori

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Category: Translation - Hebrew
Approval Date: 3/3/2021 2:52 PM
Family Surname: Harris Okonofsky (Okuniewski)
Country: England
Town: London
Date of Image: 1905
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Please translate the Hebrew elements of this United Synagogue Marriage Authorisation.

Please also suggest what was intended by the answer to "Related to the Bride".

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3/3/2021 6:59 PM Sunday 19 Av

Mr Elchanan who is called Chana son of Mr Moshe (abbreviation I don’t recognize)

Yechezkel (Ezekiel in Hebrew)

Yerucham who is called Fischel will be there god willing

The maiden Chana daughter of mr Jakob (inside the paper fold)

From her fathers home

David Dubin
Teaneck New Jersey
3/4/2021 1:37 AM I have a slight disagreement with the first translation . There is no way that a man will allow himself to be called [C]hannah ESPECIALLY if that is also the name of his bride

The wedding took place 20/8/1905
ELCHANAN ( I think that ה''מ means "by this word") CHANI.(full stop) son of MOSHE (may he be protected)
Notice they live in adjacent houses
The English states that he is a COUSIN.
The groom states that he has a brother YECHEZKEL
The bride states that she is a virgin CHANA daughter of Mr YAACOV
They declared that neither has been married before

I am disgusted that they employed someone to write in such a childish manner such important details

3/4/2021 6:34 AM My translation is correct. The abbreviation is Heh-mem, short for "HaMechuneh" meaning 'called.' The name Chana might well have been pronounced Chuneh in Ashkenazi Hebrew. It's not an uncommon name.
David Dubin
teaneck, nj
3/4/2021 6:38 AM Also, there is no comment that they lived in adjacent houses. The words state "MiBei Abuha", which is taken from the wording of the ketuba, meaning she was in her father's home (really meaning she had not been in any other husband's home previously).
David Dubin again
Teaneck, NJ
3/5/2021 5:31 PM Hello Paul,

Assuming the groom's name of Elchanan to be correct, his more commonly used (secular or nickname) would have been Chune. (It would NOT have been Chana, as that is a feminine given name.) Another couple of names it could have been (the spelling is not precise) would be Chanan or Henoch.

Just for your own knowledge and information, you might want to check out the Given Name Database of the JewishGen website. (You can use any spelling as above, or you can even type in Chana in Galicia/Poland/Russia and peruse the several male name possibilities towards the end of the list.


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