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Submitted by David Wilfred Jacobowitz

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Category: Translation - Polish
Approval Date: 2/17/2021 3:42 PM
Family Surname: Kreinik
Country: Poland
Town: Sanisławów, Kopaniny,
Date of Image: 29 Aug 1947
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Page 1.
We have copies of four letters that Rena wrote about her rescue in Poland. One is two typed pages, dated 28 Sep 1945, and is addressed to Henryk Birencwajg, the Director of the Polin Museum, which published the story above. Rena is trying to get in touch with Zamorski.

I guess it worked, because two years later she began a correspondence with Stanislaw Zamorski.

There are three hand-written letters to Stanislaw Zamorsky which are dated:
29 Aug 1947 (4 pages; signed Irena, which was the name she assumed while the Zamorski family hid her.);
1 Dec 1947 (4 pages);
2 Feb 1948 (3 pages).

Posted is the first letter from Rena to Stanislaw Zamorski. This is the first page.
The story of her hiding and rescue:

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On  Response 
2/20/2021 11:30 AM Dear Mr. and Mrs. Zamorski!

Luckily [Ms.] Konopkowa took down [literally 'redecorated' is written, I think she meant took down] my address quite well and I received the letter, for which I thank you. I admit to being a little guilty, in that I could have found out your address much earlier, but before a person acclimitises to ever newer surroundings they will always have certain difficulties, and really I wanted to write to Polish newspapers a few times counting [on the fact] that you would be living in Poznańskie [voivodeship], until finally I fell onto the lucky idea of writing to Konopkowa. The most important thing is that after the years we are once more in contact.

I admit that I read the letter with tears in my eyes, because I guess you know [end of page]
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