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ViewMate Posting VM 90007

Submitted by Rachel Keiles Park

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Category: Translation - German
Approval Date: 4/4/2021 12:12 PM
Family Surname: Jochwed
Country: Poland
Town: Warsaw
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Please translate this letter from Eliasz Jochwed or his wife Sophie (Tante) to my grandfather David Keiles.

I am trying to figure out the date from what is written.


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On  Response 
4/5/2021 12:33 AM It's written in German, maybe someone would be able to translate it and find any date suggesting words. Moving it to translate german may help.
4/7/2021 8:59 PM This is written in older German script by someone to her dear son David.
I can make out some things:

Thanking him deeply for his letter. She says letters from her children make her very happy, notes Dora too has written, and and says: "perhaps you can write to Sophie that I miss her writing greatly and maybe she can drop me a few lines".

She also thanks him for his lovely (handsome?) photograph, "you look marvelous" and if I understand correctly, she thinks it shows he's leading a good life, and that makes her deeply happy. She was also made very happy by the news that --- and hopes that by the next letter she will be able to congratulate him. Yet she deeply regrets that unfortunately she can participate in his happiness only in writing. Thanks him for the money he sent, hopes it isn't too hard for him, that it doesn't make him restrict himself.

The following text could be an addition from his "Tante " = Aunt in German.
"Dear David, I suddenly thought of something, perhaps you have a worn out ---- that you no longer wear and it could be possible to send it [them?] over here. That would be very good since [text I don't understand -possibly mentioning these articles for a third person] and my --- are practically not --- by now, and buying new ones would cost 1000 --- which we can't afford ---- nor from the earnings of my husband
[more text I don't understand]

[It's very strange that the letter seems to stray from being one from David's mother, to being on from his aunt. It happens when the line spacing changes. I hope someone else can shed more light on this]

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