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Submitted by Stanley M Diamond

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Category: Translation - Tombstone
Approval Date: 2/11/2021 3:20 PM
Family Surname: Steinhouse (Slztejngauz)
Country: Poland
Town: Przasynz
Date of Image: 7 February 2021
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Please provide a full translation of the gravestone of Ber and Sarah STEINHOUSE. Thank you

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Here lies
A modest and righteous woman
Who honoured the city and her family, principally by distributing funds to all the yeshivot, Talmud Torah and (other) institutions. She founded a home for the elderly which forever will be called by her name.
She distributed much money to thousands via the orphan's home
It is not in vain that her perpetual legacy will be to teach others to donate to charity funds
Mrs Sarah Tasherna daughter of Rav (Mr) Yoseph Yehuda
Died 1st day Rosh Chodesh Elul 5696 [ = 18/8/36]
May her soul be ever bound up in everlasting life

THE SENTENCE BEGINNING It is not in vain-- is my interpretation of what is written .I hope it is acceptable
I have never seen or heard of the name Tasherna before

Shabbat shalom
David Barrett

2/12/2021 7:51 AM Hi,
First, the name Tscherna is not rare. My sister was named for our grandmother Charna.

The man: the acrostic (dotted letters spell Dov Ber Steinhouse)

H(ere) L(ies)
Dov Ber the Levite walked in a path of Torah and righteousness
and his heart was uplifted in God's ways, with much charity and acts of kindness
He founded the old age home of Steinhause House (pun probably intended)
With his thousands (also translatable as 'with his power') he supported orphanages and Talmud Torahs (Torah schools) in the Land of Israel and in our city
When he rose to the heavens the sages of our community mourned for him
He was first in every cause of charity and kindness. All answered as one:
A good name will go an shed light before you in the open sapces and town squares your merits will be mentioned
He is the rabbinite o(ur) r(abbi) (and) t(eacher) Dov Ber son of Mr Jehuda Leib o(f) b(lessed) m(emory)
STEINHOUSE (in Hebrew/Yiddish would have been pronounced Steinhoyz)
died on tuesday 19 in the month of Elul in the year (5)692
M(ay) h(is) s(oul) b(e) b(ound) i(n) t(he) b(onds) o(f everlasting) l(ife)
2/12/2021 1:30 PM Dov Ber Halevi went in the way of the Torah and [of people who go in] the straight [way]

He went proudly in the ways of G-d [doing] much charity and good deeds

He established the Steinhaus old age home

With his thousands [presumably, his money] he supported orphan homes and Talmud Torahs in Israel and in our city

When he went up to heaven he was eulogized by the wise men of our congregation

He was first in all charity and good deeds, everyone said about him

With a good name he will go, before you will be light, the book and the bread will speak your merit [presumably meaning that he was both a scholar and gave generously to charity; also note that the letters on this line that have dots above them spell the last name Steinhaus]

R' Dov Ber son of Yehuda Leon


Passed away Tuesday 19th of the month of Elul in the year 692

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