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Submitted by Joseph Krausz

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Category: Translation - Hungarian
Approval Date: 2/7/2021 3:12 PM
Family Surname: krausz
Country: Hungary
Town: nyirgyulaj
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I request a translation of the birth certificate, its from betti krausz from the town nyirgyulaj in Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg county born 1863 father david. thanks

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2/3/2021 5:44 AM Betti was born August 20, 1863 in Gyulaj, but this birth was recorded in 1899; therefore they show the parents' ages at the time it was recorded. Father was David Krausz, 55, b. Gyulaj, general merchant and Mother was Livia Szendor widow of David age 73, born in Gyulaj. I would interpret this as David having died many years before the reporting of this birth since Livia is already shown as a widow.
2/3/2021 11:28 AM The birth was reported by Betti Krausz, the widow Mrs. Jozsef Kremer.
Her father David died in Gyulaj
2/6/2021 5:22 PM Dear Joseph,
On Facebook group: Hungarian genealogy, there are fellow genealogists who can translate it for you as soon you post it there.


Marcy Cremona Vasvary
2/7/2021 5:14 PM Betti KRAUSZ was born on August 20, 1863 in Gyulaj. The father, David KRAUSZ (a grocer) was 55, he died before this registration. Although the recorded age might mean his age at the time of his death. The mother, maiden name Sara SZENDER was 73 at the time of the registration, 37 when the child was born. Both parents were born in Gyulaj.
The birth was registered on March 8, 1899 by the child herself, at the time widow of Jozsef KREMER..
2/11/2021 9:14 PM Number 17.
Dated in Gyulaj, 8 March 1899.
Informant: Betti Krausz widow Mrs. József Kremer, homemaker, residence Gyulaj number 12, known personally to registrar
Father: the late David Krausz, Jewish, mixed-goods merchant, residence: died in Gyulaj, birthplace Gyulaj, aged 55 years
Mother: Sára Szender widow Mrs. David Krausz, Jewish, homemaker, residence and birthplace Gyulaj, age 73 years
Birth: Gyulaj, 26 August 1863
Child: girl, Jewish, Betti
Remark: this delayed registration is made per the Nyirbátor district chief administrator's decision dated 1 March 1899 under number 2046/1899.
Read forth, approved, and signed, except illiterate informant made her mark.

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