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Submitted by Todd Daniel Brody

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Category: Translation - Polish
Approval Date: 1/6/2021 3:41 PM
Family Surname: Rosenberg
Country: Poland
Town: Radom
Date of Image: 1860
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This is the birth record of my gr-gr-grandfather. I am looking for any biographical information about his parents. I see that his father's name is Yisroel Yitzchak. Does it say what his profession was? Does it say where he is from. I can also see that his mother's name is Miriam Gittel Ciegelman. Does it say anything about her parents or where she was from?

Thank you so much for your help.

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On  Response 
1/8/2021 1:31 PM Your ancestor name was Izrael Icek Rozenberg
(age 43), he was a milkman from the village of Gebarzow.
His wife age was listed as 35, there was no information about where she was from.
The document also states that the father of the child cannot write and the certificate of birth was signed by 2 witnesses.
1/11/2021 7:34 AM 104. It came to pass on the thirty-first day of December in the year of eighteen sixty, at the hour of three in the morning, in Radom. Appeared personally Izrael Icek Rozenberg, a tenant of cows, from the Village of Gebarzow situated in Gebarzow Commune, forty-three years of age, companioned by witnesses Chil Abrament, forty-three years of age, and Mosiek Finkielsztejn, fifty-eight years of age, both shammeses residing in Radom, and presented to us a child of the male sex, born on the twenty-fourth day of current month of the current year, at the hour of eleven at night, from his spouse Maryia Gitla nee Cygielman, thirty-five years of age, to whom, during the circumcision, the name had been given Judka. This act was read aloud to the appearers and subsequently signed by the witnesses. The father could not write.
1/12/2021 10:56 AM The father profession had to do with cows share leasing. He lived in the village of Gebarzow and he was 43 years old on the record, his wife 35 y.old. The document also says that the father of the child could not write. There is no information about his wife, but her age and name.
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