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Submitted by June F Entman

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Category: Translation - German
Approval Date: 12/27/2020 3:23 PM
Family Surname: Goldberger
Country: USA
Town: New York, NY
Date of Image: 1903
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These are remarks my grandfather Louis Joseph Goldberger delivered at his bar mitzvah in 1903 at Congregation Shaari Zedek in New York City. He was born in the U.S., but his parents had emigrated from Germany and Austria.

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12/28/2020 1:08 PM You may get a full translation from another member but I'll just let you know that there is here nothing at all specific or personal and unless Louis Joseph was then one of the most skilled orators of his time it probably was not composed by him. This is a very general abstract discourse on childhood and adulthood and gratitude to parents, composed in a more elevated, abstract and poetic language than anything Schiller or Goethe had ever published.
12/28/2020 10:34 PM Here is my attempt at a transcription of the first half, together with a translation (based on google translate, but with my adjustments).

Theuerste Eltern und verehrteste Gaeste
Mit dem gestrigen Tag begann auch mein Lebenswchsel einer neuen Epoche.
Die Morgenroethe meines neuen Lebens abschnittes feiert ihren Einzug und mit ihr auch alle Lebensverantwortlichkeiten.
Demnach blicke ich mit sensationellem Gefuehle der hinweg gerollten 13 Lebensjahrennach.
Wahrlich dahin sind jene phantastischen Kindes Jahrens die jugenliche Spielzeit aus? ihr unschuldiges vergnuegen ward
verschingen im Strudel der Zeit.
Nun bricht ein neuer fruehmorgen auf, mit neuen verantwortlichkeiten, und eine mahneude Stimme veruehme ich an dem Beginn meines 14ten Lebensjahres; mit mith die neue Lebensstrasse zu betreten, mit euergischer Thätigkeit,
das Werk der Liebe zu befoerdern, mit forscheudem Süm, die Lebensschule zu besuchen, daselbt studieren um zu werden einer der Limoodai Adonoy, der Juenger Gottes ...

Dearest parents and dearest guests
Yesterday, my life changed, beginning a new era.
The dawning of my new part of life is celebrating its arrival and with it all of life's responsibilities.
Accordingly, I look with sensational feelings after the rolled away 13 years of life.
Are those fantastic children's years of playtime over? Its innocent pleasure was devoured in the vortex of time.
Now a new morning is dawning, with new responsibilities, and I hear a cautionary voice about it
Beginning of my 14th year of life; to tread the new road of life with you, with energetic activity, to promote the work of love, to go to the school of life, to study there to become one of the students of Adonoy, the disciple of God ...
12/29/2020 3:03 PM I suggest "most honoured" (guests) for "verehrteste".

Interesting script, at first glance it looks very Germanic, but in fact letters are more like Latin with Altschrift flourish, and some spelling was probably obsolete by this time (theuerste, thun, Theilname, stehet).
12/30/2020 9:15 AM the cancellation of the th in German words happened only in 1901, so not everyone changed his writing in the same year.

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