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Submitted by Susan Millstein

Information Picture Question
Category: Interpretation
Approval Date: 9/23/2020 3:38 PM
Family Surname: Klein
Country: Hungary
Town: Zemplén County
Date of Image: 1869
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The census recorded members of the household in the following order; 1) head of household, 2) wife, 3) child, grandchildren according to age, 4) relatives, 5) guests, servants, apprentices, etc.6) roamers and lodgers. Lines 3, 6-10 all name known children of the couple. I'm trying to interpret the entries on lines 4 and 5. Unlike other children, there is no information about them other than the following: 1) both are noted as being on "prolonged absence"on page 2 of the census; 2) notes on page 2 state that . Moritz (line4)was a pupil in Tokay and Terezia (line6)resided at relatives in Eperjes. I know they had a child Moritz, but why no information on relationship to head of household, birthdate or place? Could it be that these are children of Samuel(line3)his birthdate is an error-it should read 1853. It is odd that there is a child Terezia since that was the mother's name.But still, why not other information about them? Are there other possibilities I am missing? Thank you.

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9/24/2020 5:45 AM Row no. 3.says "his children", so the following are all Abraham's children. It is strange that the registrar forgot to mark the sex of Theresia (row 5). Where is the page where their absence is written?
9/24/2020 7:17 AM There are other problems with this family page:

Klein Samuel is marked as trader at the age of 6.
The order of the children is usually eldest to youngest, here they are mixed here.
As Moritz and Therezia are away it was normal in the census that they did not register the the birth year and relgion - they were registered properly elsewhere. The missing sex looks like a mistake.
They always mention if one of the children has a child of his/her own.

If you look at film nr. 008305503 image 221 - the same region same census: Head, Wife, Daughter from 1st wife, son from 2nd wife, son from 1st wife - this man's wife and his daughters.

son from 2nd wife - male, pupil in Borsod county

If you know the name of the village they lived is there is a chance you can find the Jewish registers. Quite a lot survived from Zemplén, and it is worth looking at the the whole region as the registration was not fully consequent. For unknown reasons some people were registered 50 kms away, and I know at least one case nearby when a 10 years part of the Göncz registers ended up in the Abaújszántó books.
9/26/2020 7:52 AM 1. Head of family Klein Abrahám, male, born 1827, Jewish, married, lumber merchant
2. his wife Stern Terezia, female, born 1835, Jewish, married, homemaker
his children
3. Klein Sámuel, male, born 1863 [error for 1853], Jewish, single, merchant
4. Klein Moritz, male
5. Klein Terezia
6. Klein Irma, female, born 1859, Jewish, single
7. Klein Etelka, female, born 1861, Jewish, single
8. Klein Bertalan, male, born 1863, Jewish, single
9. Klein Emil, male, born 1866, Jewish, single
10. Klein Gábor, male, born 1869, Jewish, single

3 through 10 are all children of 1 and 2; the reason 4 and 5 are mostly blank is that they were absent, so their information was expected to be recorded where they were staying (Tokay and Eperjes, if you're reading the second page correctly). You can fill in approximate birthdates based on the order they're entered: Moritz was likely born circa 1855, and Terezia circa 1857.

It is odd to have a mother and a daughter with the same name in a Jewish family. It's possible that they actually used different nicknames or Yiddish names, which the census enumerator "translated". It's also possible that the family simply followed the lead of their Gentile neighbors, who regularly named children for parents.
9/26/2020 10:56 AM I see that part of the second page is on another ViewMate, but it's one which you have unfortunately already closed.

1. occupation lumber merchant, mode of employment independent owner, birthplace Tokay
2. occupation homemaker, mode of employment -, birthplace Sáros county, Sebes-Kellemes[rétek]
3. occupation merchant, mode of employment trainee, birthplace Tokay.

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