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Submitted by Susan Millstein

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Category: Translation - Hungarian
Approval Date: 9/20/2020 4:23 PM
Family Surname:
Country: Hungary
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I am trying to decipher the handwriting used in the 1869 Hungarian census. It doesn't seem to fall into any one specific type of script. In the entries I am trying to figure out some letters look like Kurrent, some like Roman cursive, and some unlike anything I am familiar with. I am struggling with making sense on a number of entries that would really help me in my family research. Can anyone enlighten me, help me decipher this segment I am most interested in?

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9/21/2020 1:33 AM The second row,right column is Saros megye (County) Sebeskellemes / Šarišské Lúky (Slovakia).

I am not sure that that is Tokaj, as I believe it's always written with a "j". What county is this? Since there is no County named, this town is in the County where this Census record was completed.

What's the source of this image? It can help to see the whole thing.
9/21/2020 3:33 AM Fakereskedő önálló tulajdonos Tokay

= Wood trader owner Tokay

háztartás Sáros vm ? ?


kereskedő gyakornok Tokay

9/21/2020 7:28 AM háztartás Sáros vm. (Sáros County)
Sebes Kellemes (Sebeskellemes, Šarišské Lúky in Slovak) later part of Eperjes (Prešov)
9/21/2020 10:49 PM Hi Susan,

It always helps when the people who upload their Viewmate items keep the columns and identifying information intact. It helps those of us who try to provide you with the information you are seeking to do the best job for you. Without that information, we do not have the proper context to guide us.

So, without those informational columns, here are some some of the spellings and translations (without the proper diacritic marks, as I have my computer set for English)...

Fakereskedo = timber merchant

Haztartas = housekeeping

Kereskedoi = pertaining to commerce or merchant

Onallo Tulajdonos = independent owner

Gyakornos = trainee

Hope that this is helpful....Jo

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