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Submitted by David M Orens

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Category: Interpretation
Approval Date: 9/6/2020 4:15 PM
Family Surname: Sobotka
Country: Poland
Town: Kutno
Date of Image: 1845-1850
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I located family members in the 1845-1850 Book of Residents (from scans online at The left page has 2 relatives (Gerszon and Szajna Malke Sobotka) at the top. The right page has 2 other likely family members Moshe Aron and Haym Sobotka. I looking for help to interpret the information in the “profession” column. For Moshe Aron it appears to say “syn” or son and for Haym “Gerson” and then what looks like a #5 below. Could this be saying Haym is the son of Gerson? It’s possible I am biased in my interpretation because I have other sources to show that Gerson and Szajna had a son Hyman who later came to the US (all from Kutno). A more interesting interpretation would be for Moshe Aron to say “Syn Gerson” and then the “5” to be some along the lines of “ditto”. Less important but also of interest would be any thoughts on the birth month for Szajna Malke.

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On  Response 
9/6/2020 7:18 PM Gerszon, textile merchant
[Gele, the third person noted on the left, is daughter of the first two persons mentioned]
Moyzesz Aron and Haym Layzer, sons of Gerszon
9/6/2020 7:19 PM April
9/9/2020 8:55 PM I agree with most, but have been translating the Kutno records for many years on what is known, to me.
Gersun Sobotka, Male, 1 May 1820 Married, Jewish, Dealer/Peddlar in Glass (Szklo), born Plock ?.
Szaine/Szaie Sobotka, Female, 7 April 1821, married to Gerszun, Jewish, born Kutno.
Gele Malke, Female, Unmarried, daughter of Gerszun, born Kutno.
All 3 moved to house 59
For the other two.

Moyzie Sobotka, male, 1847, unmarried, born Kutno.
Haym Layzer, male, 1849, unmarried, born Kutno.
No indication they moved with first entries and to me it says an interpretation in old Polish of male cousin kuzyn(Kuzhi) not syn/Syni(son) hard to interpret could be either and the apparent 5 is ditto to me.
Also confusing is male should be Sobotki and female Sobotka
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