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Submitted by Rose Katz

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Category: Translation - German
Approval Date: 9/2/2020 2:47 PM
Family Surname: KATZ
Country: Poland
Town: Kobylnica Ruska
Date of Image: 15-05-1939
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First page or 4 (the others follow)
My father David Katz(Zlb)received this letter from his cousin Regina who lived with his father and sisters in Kobylnica Ruska. He was in Italy, trying to leave to the US where he never arrived.
His travel stopped in Tangier where he married with my mother and where we were born.
I found some letters after his death and my mother's death, in 2015. He never spoke about all this... It is moving.
Thenk you for trying to translate into English or French.
Regards and thanks

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On  Response 
9/5/2020 10:24 PM [poor language and rather incoherent]

Dear brother!
Dear father came from Lemberg yesterday and only today we have received a dear letter, father has done [something] with you, you are again [something] they were called to the Rabbinate and done. Bolcia[?] marries still the green firedays [did she mean holidays, pronounced similarly?], and I am also concerned that you should in time get a woman. [some meaningless general phrases] shouldn't me about Italy...
9/7/2020 10:33 AM Dearest brother,
Yesterday dear Father came from Lemberg and today we received your dear letter. First dear Father saw to (some undefined business) with Karl(?) and you will be happy again, they were called to the rabbinate and arranged for Bolcia(?)’s wedding straight after the Green Holidays, and I am also anxious that in time you too will find a wife. Now to reply to your letter, it’s possible that we will see each other in happiness, oh dear God, yes with Him anything is possible, when the person is worthy, should you not write from Italy, although I read that you are thinking of travelling there...

(other pages will follow)
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