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Submitted by Joseph Scott Walder

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Category: Translation - German
Approval Date: 8/30/2020 2:42 PM
Family Surname: Walder
Country: Austria
Town: Vienna
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This is a marriage record for Moses Moritz Walder and Brandel Betty Eber from 1884. I would appreciate as complete a translation as possible, including any notes related to later events.

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9/3/2020 3:56 AM Hi Joseph,
I can't make out some things, but I see nothing concerning future events.

Probably the most interesting refers to a past event. Namely the comment just before the binding line, which states:
"Ritually married on 26 March 1878 in Lemberg."

This is not exceptional, people had their ritual marriages confirmed and registered in Vienna in later years - looks like they received permission in the Vienna town hall (Magisrate) on 7 April 1884.

Your ancestor lived on Kleine Pfargasse 31.
Moses aka Moritz DOB:29 Oct 1855 in Lemberg.
His father: Isak Mayer Walder - and character's I don't know. Same characters after the bride's mother name.
His mother: Rifke Ruchel born Rothstein

Brandel aka Betty presumably daughter of Leib Eber [aged] 27 years, born 1857.
Her mother: Beile born Nestl [?].

"Presumably" is in the registration "/angeblich:/"

Witness 1: Leopold Hulles
Witness 2: Mendel Schaner

9/3/2020 5:41 AM Hello Joseph,


Place of marriage: II (may be a district in Vienna) Ferdinandstr. 23

Documents provided:
Dispens von der Beibringung eines Geburtsscheines Magstrt (= Magistrat) Wien 7. April 1883
dispensation from showing the birth-certificate by the magistrate of the city of Vienna

Moritz Walder was a "Kleinhändler" - merchant with small business

Leib Eber was "Fruchthändler" - fruit trader

her parents live Kl(Kleine) Pfarrg. (Pfarrgasse) 31

Regards from Germany,Corinna
9/4/2020 3:59 AM Addendum:
In the first response there was a sentence "characters I don't know".
Those characters are s.A., an abbreviation of "seligen Andenkens", translation "of blessed memory". It means that those people mentioned werde already dead at this time.

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