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Submitted by Fran Stark-Hundiak

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Information Picture Question
Category: Photo Identification
Approval Date: 8/23/2020 2:53 PM
Family Surname: Gitlin
Country: Ukraine
Town: Sevastopol
Date of Image: Approx. 1900
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This is a photo of Avner Gitlin. I was told he served in the Russian Army for 20 years and was allowed to then live in Sevastopol, Ukraine. Can anyone tell me about the tapestry in the backround and his uniform?

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On  Response 
8/23/2020 10:26 PM The photo would most likely have been taken in a studio. It says "cabinet portrait" on bottom of frame.

"Cabinet photos continued to be popular up until the time around WWI. The invention and marketing of folding cameras to the public meant that the average person could now take and make their own photos instead of going to studio for a cabinet portrait."
8/23/2020 10:59 PM It is not the uniform, just checked trousers an long black tunik. And the Talit, naturally.
He demonstrates four medals (military rewards), which tell he had been a good soldier.

Josef ASH
8/24/2020 7:50 PM Your photograph was not taken in a studio. From the rather crude backdrop and setting, I would say it was taken by an itinerant photographer who visited his village. The words, "Cabinet Portrait" are generic. They indicate a card mounted image of a specific size. If there is no photographer's imprint on the back of this photograph that only adds further credence to the fact that the photographer did not have a permanent address or worked from both a studio and as a traveling photographer. Also, amateur photographers with box cameras after 1880 produced photographs that were not generally glued to cabinet card stock so the assertion that this was taken by an amateur may not be correct. What he is wearing is typical of religious men at the time and is not a uniform. Best to you in your searches. Ava (Sherlock)Cohn,
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