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Submitted by Judith Michelle Isaacson-Gannon

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Category: Translation - Yiddish
Approval Date: 8/23/2020 2:37 PM
Family Surname: Walter
Country: Poland
Town: Jodlowa
Date of Image: July 1939
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This is page one of a letter written to my grandmother Minnie Isaacson (nee Walter). Minnie emigrated to the US in 1910, but her parents, 5 siblings and many other relatives were still in Poland. (Her town was still in Austria-Hungary when she emigrated). Minnie and two sisters had emigrated, and I know Minnie went to visit her family in 1931.
I found this letter with my father's possessions after he died.
I know everyone in the Walter family in Poland died in the Holocaust.) I simply want to know what is in this letter to my grandmother. I believe it was written to her not long before everyone was exterminated

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8/25/2020 2:32 PM Jodlowa, 4/6 July 1939 (with G-d's help)

My beloved son-in-law and dear daughter Mindel. First, we are all well, thank G-d, and hope to hear the same from you, my beloved children always. Now I write you my beloved child that I received your letter with 5 dollars. We thank you for your good heart. We were very pleased because we haven't gotten any letters from you for more than 3 months. We didn't know what to think. Your dear mother was very afraid. Now I write you my dear child about our daughter Maltshe. We were very worried about her. I have given her advice, but how can I help her when she is in America. I and your dear mother in our old age, why must we live in fear. May G-d help me and my children. You want to know, my dear child, whether I have milk. Thank G-d I have milk, butter and cheese. When you come, you'll have enough. I haven't planted rye and carrots. For winter I haven't bought anything, no cows, because I didn't have money. Chaim came to visit. He read your dear letter. He sends regards. He wishes you happiness. Perhaps his son will come with his daughter-in-law, a very pretty woman. They will have 4 fields in a pretty location. He already has a shop and trades in cows, calves, anything he can get his hands on, and his second son is in Tarnow busy with a leather business. He earns 50 zlotys a month. We were very happy with him. He brought for his dear mother meat, wine and cake and so forth.(letter continues)

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