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Submitted by Steven Jay Geller

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Information Picture Question
Category: Translation - Hebrew
Approval Date: 8/9/2020 3:50 PM
Family Surname: Geller
Country: Poland
Town: Zlochev
Date of Image: 1953
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Please translate testimony sections as well as associated handwritten text, from Hebrew to English. thx

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On  Response 
8/10/2020 8:10 AM Family name: Geler
Firstname: Dora
3. Father's name: Max
4. Mother's name: Fanya
5. DoB: 1920
6. Place and country of birth: Zlocrow
7. Permanent place of residence: Zlocrow
8. Profession
9. Citizenship before Nazi conquest: Polish
10. Places of residence during the war: Zlocrow
11. Place of death, time, and circumstances: Zlocrow, 1943, destruction of all Jews of the city
12. Family status: Married, number of children ?
13. Family name before marriage: Dora Gelis
14. Name of husband: Reuven Geler his age: 28
8/10/2020 10:25 AM 1 Family name: GELER
2a Personal name: DORA
3 Fathers name: MAX
4 Mothers name:FANIA
5 Year of birth: 1920
6 Town of birth: ZLOTZOV = Złoczów
[ZOLOCHIV in todays language]

7 Place of Residence: ZLOTZOV
9 Nationality: POLISH
10 Residence during the war: ZLOTZOV
11 What happened: ZLOTZOV 1943:the annihalation of all
the Jews in the city
12 Marital status: married with 2 children
13a Maiden name: DORA GLEIS
13b Husbands name & age: REUVEN GELER age 28

I TIDHAR [ZOLGAR] DOV living at 41 LaGardia St , Yad
My relationship: nephew of FENEIL DORA GELER
declare that the information I have given here is true & correct. To the best of my knowledge I wish to present the above information as a personal remembrance by the State of Israel
Place: Tel Aviv
Signed by Tidhar
Signed by someone from Yad VaShem

8/11/2020 8:48 AM I, Tidhar (Zolgar) Dov, who lives at (complete address) Yad Eliyahu, 41 La Guardia St.
Relationship: Cousin of Faniel Dora Geller
Hereby declare that the testimony I gave here about her details is true, according to the best of my knowledge and familiarity
I wish to award the aforementioned memorial citizenship of the State of Israel.
Place and date: Tel Aviv Signature:
Signature of clerk:
8/11/2020 10:47 PM The text describing the relationship is: cousin of "the above mentioned Dora Geller".

The Hebrew abbreviation of "the above mentioned" is הנ"ל, and it does look similar to what the above responders have (mistakenly) interpreted as "Faniel" or something similar.

Here's a link to a higher resolution image of the POT.

The name written in parenthesis after "Tidhar" looks to me like Ox - (or Oks) - this is based on comparing the characters to others in this document. The first, an Alef is identical to other Alef's in this handwriting. The third does not look like other "g"s (Gimals) in the text, which all have a larger, more open loop to the right. So I suggest the witness is Dov Oks, who changed his name into the Hebrew Tidhar.

I can show you the comparisons in the image if you would like see them.

Two further comments:
1) The forms of POT's changed through the years.
2) This version is from the 1950's, at which time Yad Vashem representatives came to people's homes, interviewed them, and filled the form. When all was filled, the witness and the interviewer signed.
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