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Submitted by Philip Ian Tepper

Information Picture Question
Category: Translation - Russian
Approval Date: 8/2/2020 3:12 PM
Family Surname: Gitlesohn, Wagenheim
Country: Latvia
Town: Sassmacken
Date of Image: 1866
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I located this image via a link from the Latvia Marriages and Divorces Database. The database transcript shows a marriage in 1866 between ?...GENHEIN, Yosif and GITELSOHN, Sheina, who I believe to be my great-grandparents (ggf's surname was WAGENHEIM). What I'm really struggling to do is to match up the transcript with the upper of the two records in the source image. I can only make out odd numeric bits of the handwritten Russian, e.g. the dates, ages (both 22) and the dowry of 155 roubles! Can anyone translate the record for me? Or even tell me what the printed column headings are, I can normally read Cyrillic characters but the image quality is not great and these are somewhat indistinct. Many thanks for your help.

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On  Response 
8/2/2020 10:49 PM We really need an image of greater resolution for a reliable reading. The writing seems very good and should be easy to read I think, and we have hebrew equivalent as well. I do see man's surname Wegenheim.
8/4/2020 5:33 AM Translation of column headers on the Hebrew side:

Column 1: Who are the people getting married and the name of the father of husband and wife and...

Column 2: Writings made between the couple at the time of the wedding which is obligations on a certain amount and who were the witnesses

Column 3 & 4:
Date, Hebrew/civil

Column 5:
Who officiated the wedding

Column 6 & 7:
What is the age, husband/wife

Column 8:
Number of...

As much as I can decipher, the written information matches the information on the transcript in VM83492.

In addition to the transcript, this record contains the father's names: Groom's father is Hirsh, Bride's father is Berl.

Groom's family name is indeed Wagenheim.
The rabbi's name is Moshe (the transcript has an additional V.

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