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Category: Translation - Hungarian
Approval Date: 7/19/2020 3:44 PM
Family Surname: Seidenfeld
Country: Ukraine
Town: Mukachevo
Date of Image: 21 March 1906
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This is the death record of Ruchel Lea Seidenfeld, born Reiter, in the town of Munkacz (from the WIKI page with Death Records 1905-1906 fond 1606, оpus_15, apre_113, p289 of 313).

Does it say who her parent's were or where she was born? What is the text to the left of the page?

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On  Response 
7/19/2020 6:59 PM Her father was Yankel (Levi?) Reiter, deceased. Or Levi/Leva is a part of his job. Maybe he was a sort of a teacher - or there is not the Hungarian 'tanító' word in a longer word.
Her mother was Chaje Weisz, deceased.
They used to live in Munkacs before their death.

Ruchel Leie was born in Munkacs and lived in Munkacs, 7 Danko street.
She was 72 years old, died at 6:00 AM on 21st March 1906. Her husband's name is Naftali [Naphtali]

Reported by Salamon Rosner, (farm produce) merchant.

There is another death record of a still-born baby on the left side, it is not connected with the other case. (Mother of the dead boy was Ignac Goldman's wife born as Sali Berger, 36y, from Gödényháza (Гудя), happened in Csoboli Street on 20th March 1906.)
7/19/2020 9:42 PM Number 102. Dated in Munkács, 21 March 1906.
Informant: Salamon Rozner, produce merchant, residence Munkács, Ujfalusi street, known personally to assistant registrar
Deceased: Ruchel Leie Reiter Mrs. Naftala Seidenfeld, Jewish, residence Munkács, Dankó street number 7, birthplace the same, age 72 years
Spouse: Naftala Seidenfeld
Father: the late Jenkel Leizer Reiter, ?? teacher, Munkács
Mother: the late Chaje Bine(?) Weisz Mrs. Jenkel Reiter, Munkács
Death: Munkács, 21 March 1906, 6 a.m.
Cause: old age ("final exhaustion")
Remark: informant was present at the death

The facing page is a different entry in the death register, with no relationship to this one. (It's a paragraph in the margin because it's a stillbirth.)

Middle names still aren't a thing in Hungarian, but multiple given names have always been a possibility. (It was primarily common in German-speaking areas; it's especially fun when everyone has three or more given names, and they all go by the second or third one.)
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