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Submitted by Frederick M Half

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Category: Translation - Other
Approval Date: 7/12/2020 3:23 PM
Family Surname: SELIG-KAHN
Country: France
Town: Joinville
Date of Image: 31August1842
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Complete translation especially ages or birthdates of the parents and details of the marriage contract.

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7/13/2020 5:36 AM I'm no expert at French, but I'll kick things off by noting that the full page of the marriage record can be viewed at
and the second page can be viewed at
Then the selector at the top of the page to change to high resolution.
The groom is Isaak Selig, resident in Joinville, 35 years 11 months old, born in Thungen (Bavaria) on 16th-Sep-1806, adult son of Moyse Selig, deceased merchant of Thungen, died 9-Jun-1829 and his wife Hendla, without profession, resident at Ingwiller (Bas Rhin), aged 69
The bride is Agathe Kahn (2nd cousin of my 3-greats-grandfather), no profession, resident in Joinville, age 19 years and 9 months, born at Bliesbruck[en](Moselle) 15-Nov-1822, minor daughter of Auser Kahn who died at Frauenberg (Moselle) 3-Jul-1835 and Ester Haas who died at Saarguemines 27-Jul-1829.
Because the parents are both deceased, it then goes on to give details of the grandparents, Gumpertz Cahn, horse dealer of died at Bliesbrucken 11-Nov-1834, Gouthla Levy, died at Bliesbrucken 19-Sep-1835,
Isaac Haas, horse dealer, died at? Sarreguemines 19-Jun-1824 and Boula Levy, died [where?] 25-Fructidor-11
(12-Sep-1803). Then comes a lot of legalese that I don't understand, including the multiple names of Aucher Cahn, Auser Cahen and Auser Kahn.
Eventually it gets on to the witnesses: Lion Kahn, 28 years old, brother of the bride, Michel Kahn, 55 years old, uncle of the bride, Jean Levy 46 and Lazare Levy 40, friends. Everyone signs in latin script except for Jean Levy whose signature is in Hebrew.
7/13/2020 9:41 AM Hello,
I have provided a detailed translation in private.

The "legal" part is about

Aucher Cahn and Auser Cahen, thus designated in the death certificates of the father and mother of the future wife, is the same person as Auser Khan, whose name is thus written in the birth certificate of the future wife,
These same witnesses, and the future spouses having also affirmed by oath, that if the names or surnames of the paternal or maternal ancestors were not spelled in the acts of death like those of the father and mother of the said future wife, these same acts nonetheless were those of the latter's paternal and maternal ancestors.

There is also probably a contract for this wedding -- but the name of Notary is not written

Nice also to see one date using the other calendar :) "Fructivor An XI"

7/15/2020 1:05 AM Dear Frederick Half,

Do you still need this translation ? If yes, I can
do it for you - easily - later this week.

Michael Greenfield
Tours, France

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