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Submitted by Daniele Rajswing

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Category: Translation - Russian
Approval Date: 6/3/2020 3:14 PM
Family Surname: WAJSMAN
Country: Poland
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hello here is may be an extract from the birth certificate of my grand grandfather Nuta WAJSMAN which is in russia (act 2)
Thank you

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On  Response 
5/28/2020 12:38 AM [The record is in Russian]
6/4/2020 12:45 PM In the settlement Vogin on Februar 6, year 1878 at 9pm
appeared personally
David VAJSMAN, doctor's assistant, 33
and showed the mail baby and declared that he was born in Vogin "on the mentioned above date and month" (exact translation!- j.a.) at 9 pm

by his legal wife Nona nee KANDELSBRAJT, 28 yo,
this child, after circumcision, was called Nuta

There is some mistake here:
he was born, so is recorded, the same day, and even the same hour as was declared. And even circumcised immediately after birth.(I have read it thrice!)
the previous record had been made one week earlier.
Josef ASH, Israel
6/4/2020 1:29 PM mother's name does not look to be Nona to me
it may be Nena
6/4/2020 2:38 PM I cannot exclude you are right ahd she was Nena...
Josef ASH
6/4/2020 3:19 PM I would argue that mother's name was Asna (Asne). Compare the first letter with the capital N in Nuta - in the mother's name the letter lacks the tail at the top of the first vertical stroke; and the horizontal stroke is a continuation of the vertical one - also different from N in Nuta.

By the way, Asna is a valid Jewish name from Beider's list.
6/7/2020 10:07 PM I agree with the comment immediately above.
I had made the earlier suggestion of Nena, although it seemed practically impossible as a name in that time and place.
I had initially thought the first letter was A but the second looked possibly to be E which would give the impossible name Aena, but S is a viable interpretation of the second letter, and the whole name now makes sense.

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