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ViewMate Posting VM 80758

Submitted by David S Herszenson

Information Picture Question
Category: Translation - Polish
Approval Date: 5/6/2020 3:28 PM
Family Surname: Majman
Country: Poland
Town: Zamosc
Date of Image: 1999
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Translation from Polish to English.

Thank you!!!

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On  Response 
5/10/2020 6:26 PM Dear Milosz!
I have attached original birth records (4 copies) and marriage certificate (1 copy) of Mr Majman's siblings.
I also took a picture of building that is standing in a place of 'new estate' 2I. This is newly built and has a number 21. I send pictures that i took in Great Square in Zamosc - After renovations is really beautiful.
Research of birth cerificates of Mr Majman's parents must be done through national archives here in Zamosc/if they were born here/ because all the certificates of people born before 1900 are there. This also involves some costs, which you can find on the attached leaflet.
I checked in the court if Majman's family owned sny properties. I found a note from 1935 that Majman Chawa, Gierszon, Josef, Icek, Arok, Menasze, Rywka are mentioned on the property in Szvzebrzeszyn, Rynek nb 7, this is around 20 km from Zamosc. The last mention of this family is from 1910. All old notes are in russian, there are about 3 a4 pages of text. My level of russian allowed me to read and make note of names and properties. To get a copy of this document it must be translated by a certified sworn translator, to a special application which i can put through as a proxy, if i get such request from Mr Majman. This involves some costs for document copies and translations, which the court will indicate after the application is put through.
I went to Szczebrzeszyn, took pictures which i am sending. Home which is standing at Rynek nb 7 is newly built - i made a note at the back. I am waiting for further instructions.

With regards Irena Banachowicz


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