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Submitted by Rose Katz

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Category: Translation - Polish
Approval Date: 5/6/2020 3:27 PM
Family Surname: KATZ
Country: Poland
Town: Kobilnica Ruska
Date of Image: February 1939
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Fifth part of 5 (they follow) from a letter written to my father David who had just arrived in Tangier, fleeing from Italy and formerly from Poland and Germany.
The letter was written by one of his sisters who remained with his father in Galicia.
There was a first translation but not very clear, could you please have someone who can do it again ?
Thank you so much in advance.
kind regards
Rose Katz

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On  Response 
5/11/2020 3:24 PM that you do not demand 500 usd? from her as all people say. I am so upset that I struggle to write
You see how Rula asked to leave you alone but now she is asking for money back
No, she will not get even a penny. This eveining i am going to go to uncle's and will tell everything and i hope to God that Rula will be there
Now i begin to understand why they are in such a rush, because Balcia wants to get engaged and she is scared that her beau will change his mind again and Rula knows everything. Rula says that she vouched for money but she could only vouch that you will marry and will not run away with money, because nobody vouched/borrowed? money from Ragow?for her having to vouch.
She is ashamed that her brother doesnt give money back, but why is she not ashamed that she created this situation and that her own friend acted in such a way towards her brother? Besides, this is money which Tora says need to be taken but they came across you, otherwise they would have to even add half of a dowry that was promised, this is what Jewish commandment orders.
Dont think that I say this from my head, I only repeat what the elders are saying, old Pech, he knows what is allowed.
Maks sends his regards

Dear David, please do not get offended if I maybe said something I shouldnt, but I am very upset, so please forgive me ok? I will write to you how all this will work out, i already wrote so much, you will be sick of reading all this, but I wanted to describe everything to you in detail
Ah something about me, i am well, my fiance is very nice, decent, hard working, thrifty, he gives me every penny he earns. Buisness is getting better, guests are happy with his work and recommend him to others
I send you kisses wish you good health and write to me about your trip
5/13/2020 12:37 PM that you don't demand from her an extra 500 dollars, like any person would, I'm so worked up that I literally can't write, you see I've already asked Rula to leave you in peace but now she runs around [talking about] the giving back of the money, but no, she won't receive even one groshen. This evening I'll go to Uncle and tell him about everything, God willing I'll meet Rula there. Now I understand why they are in such a rush, because Balcia wants to get engaged, she's afraid her bachelor will change his mind again, and Rula knows all of this. Rula says that she vouched for the money, but she really vouched for your marrying [Balcia] and not running away with the money, because no-one asked the Kargs for any money that she could actually vouch for. She's ashamed that her brother is not giving back the money, but why is she not ashamed that she is the one that led to all this, and that her friend behaved this way towards her brother? Besides, this is the money that the Torah orders be taken, and they're dealing with you, with someone else they'd have to add an extra half to the total amount of the dowry they promised, as Jewish custom demands. Don't think that I'm telling you something I've made up, I'm only repeating what the older people say, old Pech knows what's he's on about.

Maks sends warm greetings. My dear Dowid, don't be angry, maybe I've written something I shouldn't have, but I am very agitated today, please forgive me, right? What happens and how I will tell you when I write. I've scribbled too much already, you must have had enough reading it, but I wanted to tell you absolutely everything. Ah - something about me, I am healthy, my fiance is a really fine lad, honest, hard-working, frugal, every groshen he gives to me. Business is better and better, the guests are happy with his work, and they recommend [the business] to others.

I send heartfelt kisses. Be healthy and write what happens with your departure, March is approaching, God speed. Mindla
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