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Submitted by Rose Katz

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Category: Translation - Polish
Approval Date: 5/6/2020 3:26 PM
Family Surname: KATZ
Country: Poland
Town: Kobilnica Ruska
Date of Image: February 1939
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Third part of 5 (they follow) from a letter written to my father David who had just arrived in Tangier, fleeing from Italy and formerly from Poland and Germany.
The letter was written by one of his sisters who remained with his father in Galicia.
There was a first translation but not very clear, could you please have someone who can do it again ?
Thank you so much in advance.
kind regards
Rose Katz

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On  Response 
5/11/2020 1:37 PM Because dad spend there the most time and there she started arguing and Rula was helping me. I was not there of course. The next day in the morning came Homes?Szomes? to take dad to rabbinate, so dad went, but when he came in, he didnt know what happened, there was whole regiment, so dad knew that he will not manage with all of them on his own.
Kargona daughter in law, son in law, two older Jewish men and with Rula leading, he knew that there is nothing for him to do there, so he said that he only came to say to stop sending warrants after him, that he will come but not today and not to this Rabbi because this is her Rabbi where Kargi goes all year and he left
In the evening Rula came again to uncle Josia and uncle tried to convince dad to return few hundred pln and dad wanted to agree, just for uncle's sake, he found 1 Jew who was recomended to him by Pech? and gave it to him and they, this is Kargons, will also take 1 Jew to uncle Josia and there they will arbitrate as if they were strangers. Dad left, today i was at our side and they didnt call him yet.
Yesterday i found out something else that irritated me so much that i cannot get over it. As you know Szyuz? Pech? got married and was living in Gdansk, just like all the Jews also she had to came back with husband and children to Poland and she has been living for 2 months in Lvov
5/12/2020 4:58 PM because father has been spending most of his time there, and she started to argue there and Rula was helping [her], I obviously wasn't there. The next day, in the morning, Szames came [probably the shammes] to call father to the rabbinate, so father went to deal with the case but when he entered he didn't know what hit him. There was a whole cohort so big father knew he wouldn't be able to deal with them all, among them Karg and his wife [Kargowa], the daughter-in-law, the brother-in-law, two older Jews, and with Rula at the front, so he knew that he couldn't do anything alone, so he said that he only came to say that they shouldn't send warrants after him, and that he would come, but not today, and not to this rabbi, because he is her rabbi [Rula's] and the Kargs have been going to him [this rabbi] all year, and then he left.

In the evening, Rula rushed again to uncle Josio. [She asked Uncle] to persuade father to return a few hundred zloty, [hoping that] father, for the sake of uncle, would agree to this. [But] he found himself a Jewish man who was recommended to him by Pech and gave this [the situation] to him, and that they (the Kargs) would also take a Jewish man to Uncle Josio, and there xx like strangers they will judge [the situation]. That's what's going to happen. Father left [town?] because of that. I was today at our side, and he wasn't called yet.

[The above paragraph seems to have been written in an agitated state, and is not clear grammatically, so the exact meaning is difficult to know]

Yesterday I learned something completely different which irritated me so much that I can't stand it. As you know, Szyni Pech got married and was living in Gdansk. Like all the Jews, she with her husband and children had to go back to Poland, and she's been living for the last two months in Lwow
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