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Submitted by Rose Katz

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Category: Translation - Polish
Approval Date: 5/6/2020 3:26 PM
Family Surname: KATZ
Country: Poland
Town: Kobilnica Ruska
Date of Image: February 1939
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Second part of 5 (they follow) from a letter written to my father David who had just arrived in Tangier, fleeing from Italy and formerly from Poland and Germany.
The letter was written by one of his sisters who remained with his father in Galicia.
There was a first translation but not very clear, could you please have someone who can do it again ?
Thank you so much in advance.
kind regards
Rose Katz

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On  Response 
5/11/2020 1:01 PM drift away, difficult when Regina cannot live cheaply, and when we have a shop that's hers, maybe then we'll find someone quicker that would want to marry her, because then the groom would [also] get a shop, and that's a big deal! Pan Tato [father] says that she's become fat again and that the years are flying by. I guess you understand me well, wishing for God to help with my plans which I cook up at night, when I don't sleep. It would be such a new path for our lives and my intention is to make father secure, I care the least about myself, I always manage to take care of myself, but the Lord helps those who help themselves and we will all work so that He helps us.

What happens and how, I will write to you, right now I am looking for a flat, which is very difficult to get. You ask about Mama and Leibus, thanks to God they are healthy. Mama comes often to Lwow and she earns by selling hens, beetroots, potatoes and eggs. She already has loyal customers and shops [that buy from her] thank God. She is twice a week in Lwow. Leibus writes from time to time, complaining a bit, but also very happy about his daughter. I'd love to see him, but it's 10zl for a train ticket and one has to buy something for a child, so it's better to send him [money].

The next bit is for you [to know]. The moment father came back Genia and Rula jumped on him, asking why he didn't bring 1500zl from selling the house and father started straight away to argue with Genia and even further. Rula ran out to let Kargam know that father is back and that he sold the house, so Kargam ran with Rula to uncle Josio [end of page]
5/11/2020 1:10 PM Regina dosnt know how to live within means and if we get the shop for her, it may be easier to find someone to marry her, because we would give him the shop then, this is serious matter.
Dad says that she put on weight again and years go by very fast i think they will be good. If only God helped the way i make plans every night, with no sleep nevertheless this is begining of our new life and i would like to secure dad, i dont even think about myself, I will always manage somehow but God (...)
You keep working, I will help you, we will all get to work if he (God?) only helps us.
I will write to you about what and when happens, for now i am looking for a place to live,, but it is very difficult to get.

You ask about (Mama? Mania?) and Leibusia? are well, thank to God. Manio comes to Lvov very often and works, brings chickens, beetroots, potatoes, eggs. He already has some regular customers and shops, so thank God he is earning some money and he is twice a week in Lvov. Leibus writes from time to time, he complains a little but is also very happy with his daughter. I would love to see him so much but it is 10pln, train and i would need to buy something for a child, so it is better to send it to him. Now to you.
When only dad came back Genia? and Rula? jumped on him, why he didnt bring 1500pln, as he sold the house. And dad had an argument with Genia and did not go to her anymore. Rula went to let Kargan? know that dad is back and that he sold the house and Kargona came with Rula to uncle Josia

(PS - please accept my apologies for probably messing up the names, its the hardest part to figure out for me as i am not Jewish and dont know these names, i hope tthey will make sense to you somehow..)
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