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Submitted by Rose Katz

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Category: Translation - Polish
Approval Date: 5/6/2020 3:26 PM
Family Surname: KATZ
Country: Poland
Town: Kobilnica Ruska
Date of Image: February 1939
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First part of 5 (they follow) from a letter written to my father David who had just arrived in Tangier, fleeing from Italy and formerly from Poland and Germany.
The letter was written by one of his sisters who remained with his father in Galicia.
There was a first translation but not very clear, could you please have someone who can do it again ?
Thank you so much in advance.
kind regards
Rose Katz

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On  Response 
5/11/2020 12:21 PM Dear Dowid,

Firstly, a thousand thanks for the letter I received from you, I was so happy to get it, because for such a long time you didn't write to me, and even though they always sent me your letters from home, I was more happy that you wrote to me yourself.

For sure K. Regina wrote to you that they sold the house and that Pan Tato [father] was for a few days in Lwow, he left yesterday. For the second week running I am going to a shop that is available to rent, they want a 700zl fee (it's a shop that sells dairy and fruit), they're giving it away because they are wealthy older people that don't have to work so hard. I would be very happy if we could buy it so that there's lots of work, I would work from morning till late in the night, so that we could make a living. Pan Tato has looked at it a few times and he likes it too but I am very afraid [to make a decision] so I go there every day and sit there for a few hours and worry if God will provide a good path for us, amen.

If we don't rent the shop I will go to work, maybe earning 60zl a month, without my own expenses, I will give everything to the household, my fiance pays up to 50zl a month for living, so I will give his money to the household too and he will be eating with us. This will give us 100zl and we will take a few others [lodgers?] and in the meantime we will be looking for a shop. I want to do it for the sake of K. Regina, because if we don't get a shop then money will bit by bit [end of page]

5/11/2020 12:29 PM Hi! I will try to help, but i am not sure if i will be able to figure out every word.. I will put (...) in a place of every word i am unable to recognise, if thats and add my comments in the brackets if unsure of something.

Dear (..)
First of all, thank you a million for your letter. It made my so very happy as you have not written to me for such a long time, even though they were always forwarding me your letters from home, but it made me even more happy, that you written to me directly this time.
I am sure Regina wrote to you, that the house has been sold and K. (and here i am not sure if it says DAD - which is 'tato' in polish or is it a name? such as Pato or something like this? but if it meant to say dad, i am not sure what this 'K.' in front of it means ) went for few days to Lvov, left yesterday.
I have been going for the last 2 weeks to one shop that is free to rent. They want 700pln down payment. It is used to sell cheese and fruits. Current owners want to give it up as they are old and wealthy and they dont need to work as hard anymore.
I would be so happy if we could buy this shop, i would work so hard there, since morning till very late, if it only allowed my to pay for our living expenses. (Here again mentions the same person, either dad or someone K. Pato?) viewed the shop few times and he also liked it. But i am really scared, i go there every day, i sit there for several hours, but im scared if God is leading us the right way (.. i think the last word could be Amen?).
If we do not rent this shop, i will work anyway, and maybe will get 60pln a month, with no living costs, i would give it to the house (I think she meant giving her earnings to the family, but not sure, so translating quite literally)
My fiance also pays 50pln a month only for living costs, so i will give it home and he will eat at our house. This will give 100zl and we can take on few? (here it doesnt make too much sense, i think she thinks of renting a space in the house to others or something like that, the words just say 'we can take on few) and in mean time, we can keep looking for some shops.
I want this for K. Regina's good, because if we do not take on the shop, the money... (and here the sentence is incomplete)
5/13/2020 3:20 PM Kochany Donciu - Dear Doncio (short form of a name)

K.Tato - I think - Kochany Tato - Loved (Dear) Dad
( Probably it was a custom to capitalize "father" - I have the same in my letters from that time)

K. Regina - the same with Regina
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