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Submitted by Lesley Bowman

Information Picture Question
Category: Do you recognize?
Approval Date: 11/15/2020 3:08 PM
Family Surname: BAUMAN
Country: Poland
Town: (Possibly) Warsaw
Date of Image: April 1930
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Does anyone recognise these people as being part of their family? I have their names, identified from four other individual photos with their names written on the back: (l-r) Jozef Bauman; Sabrina (or Sabina) Bauman; Bela Bauman; Henryk Bauman. On the back of this photo it just says April (in Polish) 1930.

On the back of Henryk's individual photo there is the following hand-written text:
Kołogryński (according to a Polish friend this is a surname)
Piątek 12-20 (Friday 12-20)
Twarda 15-6 and Złota 53 (these are streets in Warszawa).

Apparently, on Złota 53 there was a state, middle school called Lelewela before the war.

This photo was with my late father's possessions. I have always understood that his father, Lewis Bowman, was called Bauman before he left Poland to go to England in the first decade of the 20thC so I assume these were his relatives. But I have found no trace of them.

Are they familiar to anyone? Thank you.

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On  Response 
11/17/2020 6:22 PM Here are a few places to search for this family:

JewishGen Poland databases:

Old city directories, including Poland:

Yad Vashem:

11/18/2020 7:14 PM Dear Lesley,

My father George Williams, who might have been born Eli Solmonowitz, always said that his friend Michael Baumann was his "32nd cousin." I have been doing light research on Michael Baumann's family for about a year, but I haven't dug deeply enough to find the connection.

Here is "my" Baumann family, culminating in two interesting pieces of information:

Michael Baumann, who was born in Botosani, Romania, married Bertha. Their daughter, Fannie, was born in New York in 1903. Fannie married a cousin, Mendel (Emanuel, "Manny") Boynowitz (Baumann), born 28 Sep 1900 in Botosani, Romania. He emigrated from Botosani via Bremen to Philadelphia 16 May 1912. This is from Manny's naturalization info. What interests me is Manny's Boynowitz name, since "Boy" is the way Bau, with an umlaut over the u, is pronounced in German; so I think there's a connection of the names. And it is certainly a Polish-sounding name.

I realize now I should go back to the Naturalization cert and search for another page or two. But anyhow, for your purposes: Do you have a Romanian or Philadelphia connection?

Loose ends that need tying up....
All best,
Helene Spierman

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