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Submitted by Nancy Summers

Information Picture Question
Category: Translation - Polish
Approval Date: 3/8/2020 3:15 PM
Family Surname: Finkelstein
Country: Poland
Town: Ostrog?
Date of Image: around 1890-1900
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This label is on the back of a studio photograph of my grandfather, Sol Finkelstein. He lived in Radziwillow, Ukraine (then Belarus) as a child, but some time in the 1910s the family moved to Ostrog, Poland. During WWII he was in a POW camp, possibly located in Vienna, and was released at the end of the war.

Could you please translate the entire label?

Do you know whether a studio portrait would have been expensive around that time? I assume that if a person could afford to have his portrait taken, the family must have had adequate funds.

thank you

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On  Response 
3/11/2020 10:08 AM ‘Art’

Lwow, 1 Legionow Street (formerly Karol Ludwik Street)
Owner: Marcin Appel & Co.

Magnifications and reproductions of any photograph. I take photographs past seven o’clock in the evening and at any time at night upon prior agreement. I keep any film for further orders.

Film No. 2282
3/12/2020 5:13 AM "ART" - the name of the studio.
Lwów (Lemberg), Legionów 1 (formerly Karol's Ludwik)
owner Marcin Appel and company
We make enlargements and reproductions of every photo. Photographs I take after 7PM and any time in the night after a previous order.
Negatives are preserved for the future orders.
Negative number ...

I can say that this label must come from the period shortly after 1918, when Lwów became again a part of Poland. (maybe after the Polish-Ukrainian fightings for the city that ended in May 1919). The name of the street says that. This was always a representative avenue in Lwów (today it is called "Prospekt Svobody". The building still exists.

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