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Submitted by Linda Wolfe Kelley

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Category: Translation - Other
Approval Date: 2/16/2020 3:14 PM
Family Surname: Civjans/Civijan
Country: Latvia
Town: Daugavpils
Date of Image: 1926
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Translation from Latvian:
This is the 1926 passport of Leizer Abram Civjans, b. 28 May 1894, possibly in Livanos. Can you please tell me what his occupation and marital status were? Does it say who his parents, spouse and children were? I believe Leizer survived the Holocaust, was in a DP camp near Frankfurt, Germany, and came to the USA in 1946 as a stateless person. He stated he was a watchmaker. He probably changed his name to Lester Abraham Civijan. Some of his relatives did not know he survived and came to the USA, so they posted Pages of Testimony in Yad Vashem. Thank you! Linda Wolfe Kelley, Portland, OR

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On  Response 
2/14/2020 9:33 AM Hello! Here is some help for you. He was born in the Latvian town of Livani, southeast of Riga in Zemgale Province and just north of Daugavpils. (It says "Livanos" because that is a Latvian grammatical case ending). He was registered (lived as an adult) in Jekabpils, which is between Livani and Riga. His occupation looks as though it was Jeweler, although the handwriting is tough to read. The passport appears to have been issued in 1924, not 1926. Block 6 says that he was unmarried at the time of this application. I believe that block 7 says that he registered for military conscription in Jekabpils in the Daugavpils office of the Ministry of Defense. And Block 8 MIGHT say that he went through military basic training in August 1918 in Daugavpils, but the handwriting is difficult to make out. I don't see any information on his parents. I hope this helps a bit! Best -- Eric Benjaminson

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