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Submitted by Stephen Stein

Information Picture Question
Category: Translation - Russian
Approval Date: 1/22/2020 3:28 PM
Family Surname: FARFEL
Country: Belarus
Town: Nyasvizh
Date of Image: 1874
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A snippet from an 1874 Family List. The image was translated and uploaded many years ago (I ran the project with volunteers) for Leyba FARFEL and his sons, Getzel, Yankel, and Govsey, but I have come to doubt the syntax of the patronymic of the Head of Household. Is it just Zelig, or a compound name? If the former, what is the significance of Govsey in the patronymic position?

For anyone wishing to view the original image, it is on film 1792210 on page 456, in the first segment of the film.

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On  Response 
1/23/2020 1:42 AM As a person who participated in the examination of a large number of such records, you may be in a better position than I to judge the standard layout used in these records. I notice that Zelikovich is in parentheses. Is that how all the records enclose the patronymic? Or is this his alternative surname, as we see mentioned often because of the common legitimate-illegitimate issue? Considering that the young son is named G., I conclude that G. is at least part of the name of the man's father, so a patronymic. Whether Z. is part of a compound name I cannot determine with the information available to me.
1/23/2020 12:43 PM What is clear, that the third son was named after his gF, Govsej (by the way, rather strange a name, I have never heard it) and in the first line is Govseevuch, wich is the patronimic of Lejba, son of Govsej Farfel.
Now, what is not clear, those brackets for "another patronimic" /Zelikovich/. I think this is not tha "another surname", because Farfel is sure the surname. It should be the father's name, mzy be the "first, the "original" one. because rather unusual, I think, is the place "Govseevich" is written - ABOVE the first line. May be the father had had changed his name and was still remembered in the village as Zelik.
It would help to look the birth record, half a year earlyer of Govsej, but it not always possible...
I tried to help. Good luck!
Josef Ash, Israel.
1/23/2020 12:45 PM The word at the top is not Govsey, but Govseovich (Говсеович), implying that it's a patronymic. IMHO, this is a compound patronymic - Zelikovich-Govseyovich. It's likely that Leyba's father recently passed away, as his 6 months old son was named after him, but his previous child is named Yankel.

BTW, it is a strange looking "Z" in Zelikovich.
1/24/2020 1:05 AM In my experience, the parentheses are a correction, not a supplement. As far as I can tell the patronymic was changed here from "Zelikovich" (son of Zelik) to "Govseevich" (son of Govsey). If the father had a double name, the addition would be made without putting the original text in parentheses. Parentheses (round or square) were common as "correction signs", as were crossings out (usually together with parentheses).

Thank you for the work on Nesvizh, Steve!
Stanislav Gorbulev
1/24/2020 10:29 AM I agree that the patronymic Zelikovich (spelled Зяликовичь) was corrected later to Govseyevich. It saw records where corrections appeared in line with the text bracketed with slashes, and indicated an alternative - a.k.a.

The patronymic Zelikovich is from Zelik and Govsey is the yiddish form of hebrew Yeshua - and could have been substituted for a form of it later in life.
Gregory Engels
1/25/2020 6:18 PM I agree with the last comment - it's an alternative patronymic, not a compound name. I would add that by writing it this way they were clarifying for the record that Leyba Zelikovich FARFEL and Leyba Govseyevich FARFEL are the same person (otherwise might be taxed twice!). To me, this implies that earlier records had both versions. Whether it was due to a mistake, a case of adoption, or some other reason, we cannot tell from this list. If you go back to the earlier revision lists, maybe there is a note of explanation. BTW, Govsey (sometimes Ovsey) is a form of Hebrew Yehoshua.
David Brill

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