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Submitted by Henry Schwartz

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Category: Translation - Hungarian
Approval Date: 1/8/2020 3:11 PM
Family Surname: Izsak
Country: Ukraine
Town: Bacsava
Date of Image: 1896
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Need help with the translation for this birth record

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On  Response 
1/9/2020 8:00 AM Number 126.
Dated in Szerednye, 17 August 1896.
Informant: Izsák Berkovics, farmer, residence Bacsava number 71, known personally to registrar
Father: Izsák Berkovics, Jewish, farmer, residence Bacsava number 71, birthplace Köblér, age 60 years
Mother: Rézi Weinberger, Jewish, homemaker, residence Bacsava number 71, birthplace Bacsava, age 50 years
Birth: Bacsava, 17 March 1875
Child: girl, Jewish, Czili
Remark: this entry is made pursuant to permit number 1848/96 dated 7 August of the current year of the Ungvár district's chief constable.
Read forth, explained in the Rusyn language understood by the informant, approved, and the illiterate informant made his mark.
[Margin:] Per report number 54/h.98 of the Felső-Schönborn registrar, death event is entered in the Felső-Schönborn registration district's death register for the year 1898 under number 54.
The transcript is archived under circuit notary number 527/99.
Dated in Szerednye, 26th April 1899.
1/9/2020 8:41 AM Registered in Szerednye 1896.08.17

Father and notifier: Izsák BERKOVICS, religion: Jewish, occupation: farmer, dwelling at Bacsava no. 71. birth place: Köblér, age: 60.

Mother: Rézi WEINBERGER, religion: Jewish, occupation: household, dwelling at Bacsava no. 71. birth place: Bacsava, age: 50.

Birth took place at Bacsava, 1875.03.17. Child's sex: female, religion: Jewish, given name: Czili.

Note: this registry entry was made by the permission of the chief magistrate of the disrict of Ungvar, permit # 1848/96 dated Aug 7 in the current year.

This has been read, and explained in the Ruthenian language which the notifier understood and agreed, and due to his illiteracy signed with his mark.

Notation after the event:
According to notification 54h/98 from the registrar of Felső-Schönborn, this person's death was recorded in the registry district of Felső-Schönborn in the year 1898, entry 54. The transcript has been recorded in the archive under number 527/99. Dated in Szerednye on April 22, 1899. Signed Albert Poppert, deputy registrar.

[Felso-Schonborn, Felsokerepec = Verkhnii Koropets, UK]
[Szerednye = Serednie, UK]
[Bacsava, Bacso = Chabanivka, UK]

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