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Submitted by Heather Breaana Boren

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Information Picture Question
Category: Photo Identification
Approval Date: 1/1/2020 2:55 PM
Family Surname:
Country: Germany
Town: Frankfurt
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Would like to identify the woman in this photograph.

The original is with Lana Horwitz and we believe this is of a woman on Lana's maternal side of the family possible surnames could be Schreibman (or Schriebman) or Nussbaum, and/or relations to the following individuals:
-Fannie Schreibman and Abraham Schreibman as husband and wife; or
-Abraham Nussbaum and Emma Nussbaum as husband and wife (parents to Fannie Schriebman whose's maiden name was Fannie Nussbaum).

The back of the photo is worn, but is in German and so we believe it was taken in Germany. The back states:

Ateuers Samson & C
Kaiser Str. 1 und Zeil 46

Time period possibly mid to late 1800s.

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On  Response 
7/3/2020 10:30 AM Unfortunately, I can’t identify the person in this photo. However, I can give you an estimate as to when the photo was taken.

The hairstyle and style of dress worn by the individual in the photo are very typical of those worn between 1900 and 1910 or approximately during the Edwardian era (1901 to 1910).

The hair is soft and voluminous, which is characteristic of Edwardian hairstyles. (Typical Victorian hairstyles were tighter and fussier.) The blouse appears to be white or cream and is very voluminous. The sleeves are relaxed and lack poof at the shoulders - all traits characteristic of Edwardian blouses. (Typical Victorian sleeves were elevated and poofy at the shoulders)

I would guess the photo was taken between 1900 and 1910, likely between 1905 and 1910, probably closer to 1905.

A photo from 1905 for reference:
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