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Submitted by Susan Korostoff Okun

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Category: Translation - Yiddish
Approval Date: 12/11/2019 3:03 PM
Family Surname: Newfield
Country: USA
Date of Image: 1952
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I would like to have a translation into English, please.

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12/12/2019 6:00 AM Dear Sue,
thank you for your request! I'll explain why.
I've just began to learn Yiddish (some 5-6 lessons only) and I wanted to see the letter to try to recognise a word here - a word there. Had it opened and saw I can ungerstand a lot! Yes' you mother had very good, hand-writing (your GM's was worse, but still...).
So I decided to practice using your mother (:-). I'll send you the translation' but, sorry, it will take time. After 57 years it shouldn't be any emergency, is it?
for the beginning:
Who is Yankale? You gM asks about him in the beginning of her letter, and I felt she Loved him!
having understood this I turned to your mother's.
here are the first lines:
"Dear Tate-Mame (should I explain these are father-mother?). Couple of minutes ago I got your wonderful letter and this made me very happy"

To be continued
ps Do you speak, read, understand Russian? You mother did, I sugest
Josef Ash, Israel
12/12/2019 12:27 PM I continue: (i.e. she continues)
"And exactly then I felt how do you write Yiddish small letter (brivele).
You do not know how good did I fiil to hear tha you are not angry to me, Mame. I couldn't forget it for all that week.
I understand what do you fill about my coming home more often.
I'll do it safely.
Thank you very much for the check. I really (dawke) don't need it, but it comes every time .... (don't understand the word).
This week came the Bonniy's birthday. I know you had bought him some beautyful present. (may be: "I have the present from you, on your name" - some complicaited sentence)
Yesterday night i was out with you and your choise. I had spent good time.
today Awiru (some name may be?) make (~organise) a blind date (so written in Yiddish - blind date) for Merl with Avi and I go together. She is so happy (so in Yiddish - hepi).
In about two weeks comes a very big meeting for the banim (sons) in New York. Perhaps I'll want to go for weekend. I want to write a letter to Frumken and I want you to ask if I may have a nightsleep there. Awiru (the same name) has the place just to stand.
What do you think about?"
This is the end of the first letter of Oct 18, 1952.
It was interesting, to translate!
may I ask some question?
Who is that Awiru? What is his real name?
Was that blind date (Merl and Avi) seccessful?
If smbdy made for you another translation take his, not mine, as he sure knows Yiddish better.
Dr. Josef Ash

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